Aquarius Weekly Horoscope week 17

These are the stars for the zodiac sign Aquarius this week

Love and partnership


At the moment you're everybody's darling.

It's easy for you to strike up conversations with other people – especially with those you find attractive or that you particularly like. Make good use of your popularity! Also your family relationships; those you love most are really important to you and soon you'll get the opportunity to finally resolve a long-standing disagreement.

Working life


Currently you're tipped for professional success.

You provide excellent results and receive words of praise from your superiors or those you wish to impress most. Also you're working well with your colleagues, which in turn will facilitate team effort and better outcomes. You should always offer your help without being asked, others will then do the same for you.



You feel particularly powerful, brimming with potent reserves of energy.

You should do your best to make this feeling last for as long as you possibly can. Find a personal balance between physical exercise, relaxation and understanding and in this way cultivate your inner balance and harmony. Don't forget that there'll be times when you'll need to feel exactly like that too.

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