Aries Weekly Horoscope cw 20

These are the stars for the zodiac sign Aries this week

Love and partnership

Horoscope Love | Photo: ©
Jürgen Fälchle -

This week you're feeling particularly lucky, especially where your love life is concerned.

Passion and harmony dominate and it's a good time to explore techniques with your partner. There is certainly one long-cherished desire, which you would like to try now. Thanks to your sensitive and considerate approach your lover is willing to listen and probably positively respond to you.

Working life

Horoscope work | Photo: ©
tbel -

You can easily convince others of your point of view.

You have creative ideas and prove you've got talent, especially when negotiating. Don't hesitate to show others what you're capable of and make use of your continuous success. It's likely you'll encounter those who will be envious of you. Be aware that there may well be others, who try to take the credit for your success.


Horoscope health | Photo: ©
karandaev -

You feel self-assured and in particularly good physical shape.

This week you won't hesitate to undertake new challenges. Carry on; this is what gets your body coursing with adrenalin. But be careful that you don't overdo it. Make sure you take sufficiently long breaks to relax! It's important as well you eat a regular balanced diet; otherwise it could upset your equilibrium.

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