Cancer Weekly Horoscope cw 32

These are the stars for the zodiac sign Cancer this week

Love and partnership

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There'll be quarrels; do you want to dig your heels in with needless power games?

Trying to prove yourself in your relationship is a pointless exercise. Instead take your lover out to a restaurant, to the movies or to the theatre – the main thing is that it leads to distraction! In this way you have a shared experience which will smooth over any difficulties with your lover.

Working life

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You're trying far too hard to control those you work with, rather than trusting in their ability to do their job.

You need to give your colleagues some space; otherwise they won't like you. If in your opinion somebody makes a mistake, don't make an unnecessary fuss about it. Instead use a little patience and respect - criticism is OK, but it's not what you say, it's how you say it!


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You need a good balance of pressure and relaxation.

This approach does your health and your self-confidence a great deal of good. On one hand you want to blow off some steam, which you should definitely do and on the other hand, you need treats like a sauna, a foam bath or even a massage. In this way you're keeping your suppleness and at the same time staying relaxed.

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