Capricorn Weekly Horoscope cw 32

These are the stars for the zodiac sign Capricorn this week

Love and partnership

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Rido -

Your self-confidence makes you appear rather reckless.

Every now and again it seems not to matter if someone falls by the wayside – as long as you have what you want! With this attitude you'll alienate the people who you love. Think hard before acting impulsively! Apply a more measured use of your heart-felt instincts - you'll avoid causing unnecessary upset and anxiety.

Working life

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highwaystarz -

In disagreements with your colleagues you assert yourself.

Even in the most challenging negotiations you confidently assert your position. Push forward with those projects that are important to you. If you've job interviews scheduled for this week, you should be careful, your somewhat unrestrained approach which could too easily be perceived as insincerity.


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Chris Boswell -

Even if you've worked all day, you should try to get some physical exercise in the evening.

Jogging or a bike ride, both great options; help you clear your head. You shouldn't neglect your responsibilities at home, in the garden, home improvement or cleaning the house everything that involves physical exercise is beneficial for you and that makes you feel good.

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