Horoscope Aries Week 11 | Photo: © Anton - stock.adobe.com

Aries are still very impatient

horoscope for week 11 (3/9 - 3/15)
Horoscope Aries Week 11 | Photo: © Anton - stock.adobe.com

Aries are still very impatient

horoscope for week 11 (3/9 - 3/15)

Daily aspects

Time Aspects
5:44 AM Moon Trine Mars
10:52 AM Moon Opposition Neptune
12:44 PM Full Moon (Virgo)
3:13 PM Moon Trine Jupiter
8:16 PM Moon Trine Pluto
10:41 PM Mercury → direct motion

Aries are still very impatient


Energetic activities are the best way to relieve the tension you're experiencing. A team sport is not recommended. Your impatience and self-important ways don't make you a particularly good team player. Long hikes or practicing for the long run, are exactly right for you. That will help take your mind off things, but at the same time enable you to remain true to yourself.

Working life

With such a high level of energy, you quickly make unfounded accusations and jump to wrong conclusions. Try to calm down and stop being so irritable; it only serves to confuse those you work with. If possible, over the next few days, concentrate on tasks where you can work alone. If that's not possible, refrain from coffee and other stimulants. Stay calm!

Love and partnership

You would like to change a lot of things. But you run the risk of making your lover feel confused. You're sticking to your principles with all your pent up frustration; instead, show your partner you need them, take a walk together or give each other a comforting massage. If you're single, use a more restrained approach; otherwise, you could quickly appear rather foolish.


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Horoscope Aries Week 11 | Photo: © Anton - stock.adobe.com

Aries are still very impatient

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