Horoscope week 20 | Photo: Jovana Rikalo / stocksy.com

Horoscope: These three zodiac signs are now the best merchants

Mercury changes to Gemini - Horoscope for week 20 (11 May - 17 May)
Horoscope week 20 | Photo: Jovana Rikalo / stocksy.com

Horoscope: These three zodiac signs are now the best merchants

Mercury changes to Gemini - Horoscope for week 20 (11 May - 17 May)

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Leo week 20

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Horoscope: These three zodiac signs are now the best merchants

Mercury as a merchant, storyteller and WhatsApp communicator

On Monday, May 11th, Mercury will move to Gemini at midnight and will stop there until May 28th, 2020. For less than three weeks, our mind and actions will be strongly influenced by the Zodiac sign Gemini. This means that our responsiveness is stimulated, in particular, our entire communication skills. This is an excellent time for salespeople, politicians, journalists, authors, and for everyone who has to do with language and writing.

Some people will now overflow with ideas. We are very flexible, but mostly not very stable, since we can abandon a project we are working on if a new idea pops up. Taking something to a conclusion would be very important, and doing one thing at a time would make sense.

The adverse effects can result in too much talkativeness, lack of impartiality in discussions, and superficiality in thinking. But such expressions can occur at any time, and we should avoid such behaviors whenever possible.

How are the gifts distributed?

We all have all three of the characteristics mentioned above; commercial activity, storytelling, and writing. However, at the moment, the gifts of Mercury are differently distributed to us (aspects), so we can reach different results. As always happens. Some of us are very much favored, others a little less, and some are left empty-handed and must exploit the qualities they already possess.

Until this current situation changes, for example, by a change of the planet, and the previously disadvantaged are suddenly favored. And that may also happen, so creation gives us a little hope.

Patience is a quality that characterizes already more advanced people.

What characters are the best sellers?

You can sell a lot, from food, clothing, cell phones, luxury items, etc. But no matter what it is, selling is not always easy. And that's why Mercury is now supporting us from May 11th - 28th in our sales efforts. Whereby, some of us who are not so good at selling will soon be able to assert their concerns, which are essential to them. So don't hesitate!

Gemini | Photo: Jovana Rikalo / stocksy.com

The top seller

So who are the top sellers? First, Gemini people themselves, with the related air signs Aquarius and Libra. Mercury is now acting powerfully among them. Those three Zodiac signs have three weeks to achieve top results. Perhaps inheritance or other interests are currently relevant to the air signs. So now would be the time to deal with such things more positively. Success is now possible and more likely than usual.

The second winners

In the second place, we rank Aries and Leo. To a certain extent, also Sagittarius. Sagittarius people could also be very successful, but the prerequisite is that they do not insist on knowing everything better during this time. For example, they should refrain from imposing their passionate views on others. Tolerance is now the order of the day, and this also applies to every other sale. Those three Zodiac signs are now also very well on the way and almost equal to the top sellers.

The challenged

In the third category, we count Taurus and Cancer as well as Capricorn and Scorpio. The crucial question we have to ask ourselves is: Do we want to sell a lot or not? And there, the supporters are divided into two groups. The ones that must to do it and the others that are currently relatively independent from a successful sale.

However, it will be relatively exhausting for those who want to sell a lot. Another word for exhausting is the noble word tedious, of which we are so in awe that we rarely want to use it in our daily world of experience. Well, that's how we are. But if we take on the hard toil, we will achieve satisfying successes that will continue to work wonderfully as memories from the past.

“The last shall be first.”

The last Zodiac signs in the current list are Piscis and Virgo. But what does the Bible say so beautifully? Exactly, they'll be the first. Namely, very soon. Of course, they will now also succeed in selling something. Still, experience teaches that the square always shows any difficulties or disabilities that otherwise do not exist. It is just like that, and that should also be an indication that one should perhaps deal more intensively with other activities at the moment. The consolation: In three weeks, things will look much better again!

Anyway, dear friends, good luck with the sale!

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