Pisces Weekly Horoscope cw 42

These are the stars for the zodiac sign Pisces this week

Love and partnership

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You're extremely self-oriented this week.

Most probably, your lover doesn't respond well to your overly demanding manner and feels harshly treated. If you continue to behave this egotistically, your love-life will suffer. Make it a rule to treat your partner the same way you would want them to treat you, with genuine understanding that you both can appreciate.

Working life

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You're assertive, but your understanding of others suffers as a consequence.

There's a thin line between dominance and impertinence. You should be particularly careful in all negotiations and meetings – especially where finances are involved. Always keep a cool head, otherwise you may find any risks you take are not worth the potential losses you may eventually sustain.


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In principle you get through this week without any health related issues.

But your careless and erratic approach can easily lead to unforeseen issues. You need to improve your ability to sensibly pace yourself; to measure what you can take and what you cannot. Maybe you simply need a time-out? Take a few days off, or a vacation, and quietly review your goals and needs.

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