Virgo Weekly Horoscope cw 46

These are the stars for the zodiac sign Virgo this week
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Love and partnership

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Your argumentative nature can quickly turn your relationship into a battleground.

You lack fairness and sensitivity - pull yourself together! If you need to argue do so, but only when you feel strongly, not because of your moodiness. You don't want to upset those you care about most, so take a deep breath and refrain from saying anything you're likely to regret later.

Working life

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Concentrate on one particular activity, namely keeping a cool head.

Your tolerance for any mistakes is at an all-time low; you react instantly to failure and misunderstandings. You run the risk of becoming bogged down in unproductive disputes. You should bring more self-control into your routine. Why not cancel a few meetings and concentrate on what is most essential!


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Your pent-up emotions need a physical outlet.

Give your muscles a workout, some exhaustive weight training or any other exercise that makes you burn. Afterwards treat yourself to a massage and notice your anxiety is reduced. When you feel more comfortable with yourself, your irritability disappears! Rest phases will help you distance yourself from your problems.

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