Virgo Weekly Horoscope cw 42

These are the stars for the zodiac sign Virgo this week

Love and partnership

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You're particularly charming and can turn any disagreements that are affecting your lover to your advantage.

But take care not to tear things down with one hand that you've just built up with the other. If you're single, the same applies. Keep your feet on the ground, listen and don't just pretend to be interested; be interested! If you're sincere, you will be taken seriously.

Working life

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At the moment you should avoid working in a team.

There are too many unresolved issue from your past, which lead to increased irritability on your part. This makes it easy for people to put you down. You should quietly think out solutions to problems and then surprise others with results that work well. You're an productive worker – as long as you avoid your colleagues!


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The best way to keep your bodily well-being right now is to not overdue your physical exercises.

Gymnastics and yoga can be just as delightful and demanding as inline-skating or similar activities – but with much less risk of getting hurt in the process. You don't necessarily have to quit completely, but should certainly be concerned about your safety.

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