Horoscope for Week 18 | Photo: Ulaş Kesebir & Merve Türkan / stocksy.com

Horoscope 18th week: These are the most important astrological events

An astrology journey by Kurt Franz
Horoscope for Week 18 | Photo: Ulaş Kesebir & Merve Türkan / stocksy.com

Horoscope 18th week: These are the most important astrological events

An astrology journey by Kurt Franz

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Leo week 18

07/23 - 08/23

Horoscope 18th week: These are the most important astrological events

Weekly Horoscope

The most important events at a glance

  • Monday, April 27: Mercury changes to Taurus
  • Tuesday: 28 April: Mercury Square Saturn
  • Friday, May 1: Mercury conjunction Uranus

From fast food to gourmet food

The two Planets of Reason Mercury and Uranus will, as far as it is foreseeable, in the 18th Week 2020, dominate the events in the star community, and we will also feel the effects on us. The first significant event this week is the change of Mercury on Monday, April 27th, from Aries to Taurus. You could also say that Mercury is now changing the hotel, passing from Aries Hotel to Taurus Hotel. So, logically, different qualities can be expected in this new hotel from now on, we all know from our own experience.

Aries Hotel is basically for people in a hurry, for people who are actually only passing through, who want to see a lot in a city and therefore place less emphasis on food. That is why there are just standing buffets at the Aries Hotel. You cannot even sit down while eating, but instead, you should gulp down your sausages with mustard or French fries to save time while standing. And then you have more time for everything else. Some people want it that way. To each his own.

At the Taurus hotel, however, great importance is attached to food, comfort, and luxury. However, it also costs a lot more because of this. Even more than other hotels, since Aries hotel, for example, is already expensive, if we compare the quantity of food you get, which is scarce indeed. But well, at least you don't gain weight during your stay.

Venus stays in the Gemini until August 2020. That means good love stars for the Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Libra, Aries, and Leo. | Photo: Ulaş Kesebir & Merve Türkan / stocksy.com

Venus stays in the Gemini until August 2020. That means good love stars for the Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Libra, Aries, and Leo. Read more about Venus.

Venus is a wealthy hotel owner

Incidentally, Uranus has been staying at the Taurus Hotel for a long time, namely for a year, since March 2019. The Taurus Hotel is known for its focus on ownership and luxury. Our talents and professions are also highly valued at this hotel. Every honorable profession is recognized with appreciation by the management, and also by the employees. Wealthy people are welcome here. And making money is praised. And these areas are also essential basic requirements for our life. This must work, you find it always mentioned in interesting lectures that can be attended at this hotel.

Here, the emphasis is also placed on consistent thinking, on pondered considerations, and also on reasonable actions. Everything is going solid here at the Hotel Taurus, and it is a pleasure. Business negotiations are conducted precisely and deliberately, and a focus on security dominates as well. All guests residing here are now developing a sense of business that will bring profits. Go to the top of the page. Who needs bankrupts? And since Venus rules Taurus, or rather, she is the owner of the Taurus hotel, the artistic side of the house is also very well looked after. You are surrounded by the most beautiful things, there are also art exhibitions, concerts in the evening with world-famous and exceptional singers. In general, everyone is very fond of enjoyment here.

Uranus rarely passes by the Hotel Taurus. The last time he was there was in 1935.  | Foto: © iStockphoto.com/RyanJLane

Uranus rarely passes by the Hotel Taurus. The last time he was there was in 1935.

Uranus is now proposing innovations for the hotel sector

For all the reasons mentioned, Mercury naturally feels comfortable here in this luxury Taurus hotel. That's why he's here more often. In contrast to Uranus. Uranus rarely comes here, but when he arrives, he stays longer, usually seven years. The last time he visited the Hotel Taurus was 85 years ago, and it has been there for a while. Uranus is an unusual guest, the owner knows that, of course. Sometimes he is pessimistic, occasionally optimistic. And so are his followers, they can be pessimistic, but also optimistic. A year ago, the pessimists had the attitude that things will change in the material area in the future and that many will probably have to look around for a new job.

However, optimists are still of the opinion that Uranus will present his new ideas shortly. That will then lead to sudden profits again, provided that one reacts flexibly and uses modern methods. Uranus is always for the original, the unusual, the unexpected, the surprising. Still, as is the case with experience, with innovations, the old must be destroyed, which is a natural and irrefutable law.

Venus is always open to positive changes

Another hope for many is the hotel owner Venus herself, who is known for her commitment to beauty, loving hospitality, harmony, and well-being of her guests. So, she is sure to respond to Uranus' suggestions, which are always unusual. Uranus has ever changed the hotel life in the past sharply but positively after his stays. And she is convinced that it will not be any different now. 

Since Aquarius is known to be a philanthropist and the head of Uranus, many in the hotel are confident. They believe that one should listen to Uranus' suggestions. He will again have the right insights ready. The right choice of career or further training in our professions will undoubtedly be a suggestion. And that material overemphasis should not be the goal of our life's purpose in the future. Uranus also stands for new knowledge and for further education, for spiritual, for eternal, for fraternity, and whoever sticks to the old standards and doesn't want to learn anything, will have to succumb. In Germany, we say: He will get roasted!

A Mercury Saturn square should not upset us on Tuesday. | Photo: © iStockphoto.com/mammuth

A Mercury Saturn square should not upset us on Tuesday.

Controversy potential on Tuesday between Mercury and Saturn

Now we come to another chapter, namely the impending controversy between Saturn and Mercury. Saturn is currently in Aquarius and is throwing a square on Tuesday towards Mercury, which stands in Taurus, as we already know. This not only triggers a variety of moods in both but also in all of us. Most of the time, it is not clear to us at all what the reasons for these moods are. And such constellations like the one on Tuesday occur quite often. This fact causes us to suddenly start arguing about a trifle and we are suddenly satisfied with it.

We have already experienced such situations hundreds of times, when we have reached a certain age, of course. Most of the time, however, we cannot say what moves us internally and thus gets on our nerves. A lot suddenly comes together inside. And the point about which the dispute breaks out is only one. We know that, but we are no longer so aware of the other aspects that it possible.

If you don't control yourself, the shreds fly

And that is why we will list what could annoy one another on Tuesday these two individualities, Mercury and Saturn. Of course, by no means, all reasons will come to mind. But some are essential ones. Let's start with Mercury.

Mercury is the originator or manufacturer of thought and logic, you could say. He ensures that ideas can come to life in us at all. That is Mercury's incredible ability. But it can also do much more. For example, to go from thought to speech at lightning speed, starting from an idea that he creates. Hardly thought, he brings the idea together in no time.

The heart is on the tongue of Mercury. It's easy to say things you'll regret later. | Photo: © iStockphoto.com/Tempura

The heart is on the tongue of Mercury. It's easy to say things you'll regret later.

The square leads to embarrassment

Good. Of course, individual ideas come from us, they are an expression of our personality, of our self. Mercury enables the principle of view, so it provides the basis for an idea to arise at all. But if stupidity is not controlled by us and a silly idea is pronounced too quickly, then, of course, we make a mistake and get embarrassed. That happens every now and then, with squares of Mercury, for example. Because they also affect our brain waves if we are not very careful.

Apart from that, a total contrast between the two planets has already been outlined. Namely, the speed of Mercury versus the slowness of Saturn. And everyone knows that Saturn is slow. Fast and quiet don't get along, at least not for long. For this reason, the two planets are like dogs and cats.

What could be a conflict between Saturn and Mercury?

There are undoubtedly many, so let's take a closer look at the current situation from a psychological point of view. Well, Saturn is currently in Aquarius, which doesn't suit him at all, because there are total opposites again. Saturn is the arch-conservative and materially attuned. Aquarius, the complete opposite, the progressive, the revolutionary, who finally starts shooting when there is no prospect that his views will be accepted. He has a lot of patience, but if the stubbornness persists too long, it's over.

The contrasts between the fast Mercury and the slow Saturn could hardly be greater. Mercury needs only 88 days around the sun, Saturn 29 years. | Photo: © iStockphoto.com/caracterdesign

The contrasts between the fast Mercury and the slow Saturn could hardly be greater. Mercury needs only 88 days around the sun, Saturn 29 years.

So far, so insightful. And what does that have to do with Mercury?

A great deal. But only indirectly. Mercury is feeling very comfortable in the Taurus luxury hotel, now. But this does not suit Saturn at all, which is the economical one, if not, often the miserly. And then he suddenly gets abusive insults from Saturn, who accuses him that it is currently not essential to live so abundantly, given the current crisis in the world. One must now also be a role model as a representative of the cosmos and live sparingly. Because who knows if worse times are not yet to come, therefore every penny must be saved.

The zodiac sign of Taurus, which just has its birthday, is ruled by Venus. | Foto: © iStockphoto.com/Casarsa

The zodiac sign of Taurus, which just has its birthday, is ruled by Venus.

Mercury responded immediately with counterarguments

In any case, Mercury immediately wrote him back an email since it is easy for him to write. He told him his counterarguments, namely that people also need joy, love, and enjoyment in life. So, daily duties can be fulfilled without significant grumbling. And art is one of those joys. It is also essential since it also gives us a feeling of eternity. And the certainty that the valuable commitment of each one of us and our commitment to art is crucial and creates a contribution to eternity.

As a result, Saturn was caught and ignored Mercury with deadly silence

Of course, this did not suit Mercury either, since he is the communication planet and, if he is not sleeping, always must think, talk, or write. But May 1st is approaching, the day of work on which Mercury meets Uranus to discuss future measures. Which is why Mercury contacted Uranus to discuss the matter about Saturn. And of course, Uranus immediately came up with something that could satisfy Saturn, and Mercury promptly communicated this to Saturn.

Mercury and Uranus will meet. But don't worry, they'll keep their distance. | Photo: Z2sam / Photocase.de

Mercury and Uranus will meet. But don't worry, they'll keep their distance.

The Mercury - Uranus meeting on Labor Day

Dear Saturn, wrote Mercury. On the day of work, I will meet Uranus to discuss the world situation from our point of view and then use it to find solutions for the future. I've already considered your savings proposal with Uranus, and we've come up with the following solution. We both share your idea of savings. They are high and you have a long-life experience. Without you, the world would look very different.

Regarding the savings, we both agreed not to throw away the food waste in the future, but to use it sensibly. We have already tried it, and it works very satisfactorily.

A small organic farm nearby is now served. The chickens and pigs now get the meat and vegetable waste that they have always been looking forward to and eat away every time with pleasure.

And this is not all. From now on, you will always get bread waste. The bread, which is no longer used and has become somewhat hard, is cut into smaller cuts, dried, and then passed on to you. We recommend eating it at breakfast. Soaked in breakfast coffee, the bread slices taste delicious. Use a large coffee bowl for this and then dip the bread into the coffee until it is nice and soft. My grandmother and Uranus always did it that way. It is still a pleasure for them. Thanks again for your great suggestions!

This is very commendable, wrote old Saturn back, and was pleased that the two young thinkers had reacted so docilely and thought that with these boys, not everything is lost in the end.

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