Weekly horoscope from astrosofa.com | Photo: (c) Brkati Krokodil / Stocksy United

The Sun moves into Gemini and New Moon

Horoscope for week 21 (5/18 - 5/24)
Weekly horoscope from astrosofa.com | Photo: (c) Brkati Krokodil / Stocksy United

The Sun moves into Gemini and New Moon

Horoscope for week 21 (5/18 - 5/24)

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Leo week 21

07/23 - 08/23

The Sun moves into Gemini and New Moon

The Sun is now redistributing its vital forces!

On Wednesday in the afternoon, the Sun moves to the Zodiac sign Gemini. The reason why Gemini born people celebrate their birthday in the next 30 days. We congratulate them very much. Now the time of Gemini begins, and their qualities now more or less will have an influence on all of us. And what are Gemini people like in general terms?

Gemini people are versatile, eloquent, highly impartial, have mediating skills, and are always up for something new. Every day passing without having experienced something extraordinary is a lost one for them. They are very eager to learn, hard-working, funny, and excellent observers. Some other of their qualities is their flexibility and their relative equanimity towards possessions. Mostly they have very polite manners, and many of them are artistically and scientifically very talented—the reason why we often find them in communicative and artistic professions. 

For all of us, this is the beginning of an additional focus in the communicative field, which can cover all areas of opinions exchange, from love declarations to increasing sales. Those who consciously use this time will notice that many things are now more accessible than usual in this respect and will be very satisfied.

Change of Zodiac sign

Whenever the Sun changes its position to another Zodiac sign, its influence on us all changes, and since this planet is the main life-giver on earth, we always feel those changes from one Zodiac sign to another. Some of us are given more life energy from the Sun than we have received before, others less. But over the year, its vital forces are always distributed equally and fairly.

Those who are currently favored are now more vital and can, therefore, also achieve noticeably more. On the other hand, others are now called upon to take a little more rest and take it easy. Body, soul, and spirit always need their rest after specific periods of exertion, to become fully efficient again.

Who gets more life energy now?

  • The Sun in Gemini now prefers Gemini people for 30 days, as well as Aquarius and Libra, Aries, and Leo. For 30 days, they now have the concentrated solar energy at their disposal, which we should use as much as possible.
  • A little less vital power from the Sun is now given to Taurus and Cancer, Capricorn, and Scorpio. But that is still a lot and still enough for extraordinary achievements.
  • On the other hand, Pisces, and Virgo, as well as Sagittarius, should take it easy for the next 30 days, if possible. Body, soul, and spirit will reward them. Afterward, this recovery phase will be transformed back into vital strength.

The New Moon on Friday means a new start!

On Friday, the second highlight of this week will take place in the heavenly event.

In short, the New Moon again invites us to start something new, and this time the area of communication is involved since the New Moon is under the sign of the Gemini, and Gemini people are very talented in every expression in writing and speech.

This Friday also offers excellent connections of Mercury, Venus, Sun, and Saturn, now pointing to a good understanding of the areas of reason, love, self-confidence, and perseverance, and should therefore also give us cause for optimism.

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