Great Harmony | Photo: ©

Cancer Horoscope for Week 21 (18.5. - 24.5.): Great Harmony

Surely your partner is already wondering about your ingenuity and empathy
 Great Harmony | Photo: ©

Cancer Horoscope for Week 21 (18.5. - 24.5.): Great Harmony

Surely your partner is already wondering about your ingenuity and empathy

Cancer Horoscope for Week 21 (18.5. - 24.5.): Great Harmony

Working life

You're open-minded, diplomatic, and charming towards your colleagues. Since these helpful qualities are combined with a considerable measure of industriousness and innovative ideas, you'll be really successful. Therefore, make suggestions, get involved, and help wherever your energy and your time allows. You'll be rewarded eventually for your generous cooperation!


Give in to your desire for action. You'll enjoy your exercises and leisure time. It would be exactly the right time to take up a new sport. It'll also help you get to know new people. That's the reason why it's stimulating. Maybe you can convince friends to come along to an exercise class. Be it a ball game or the gym; you'll have more fun in a group than on your own.

Love and partnership

Your love life is full of amazing and wondrous feelings. Your partner is altogether surprised by your imagination and sensitivity. Maybe it's the case that your lover is a little jealous, because they believe that other potential partners find you attractive as well. The situation you find yourself in certainly brings excitement for you, but you should not let this go to your head!

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