| Photo: (c) Ovchinnikova Stanislava / shutterstock.com

Gemini horoscope for week 22 (5/25 - 5/31)

You're driven by your ambition
| Photo: (c) Ovchinnikova Stanislava / shutterstock.com

Gemini horoscope for week 22 (5/25 - 5/31)

You're driven by your ambition

Gemini horoscope for week 22 (5/25 - 5/31)


Love and partnership

You encounter difficulties due to your lack of consideration. You feel rather passionate; a quickie is certainly exciting, but not recommended all the time. If you're able to slightly curb your enthusiasm, the thrill of anticipation makes it worthwhile.


You should stop worrying about your problems. Instead do something good for your body; gymnastics, improving your stamina, breathing exercises. Work on all parts of your body but without causing yourself any injuries. Your hyperactive conduct – makes everything border on risk. When you have returned to a healthy state of self-critique, you can rant and rave again.

Working life

You're driven by your ambition and unfortunately this can make you oblivious to how your colleagues might feel. Take a long hard look at the way you conduct yourself. You better come off your high horse before you find yourself being pushed off by others. You should meet looks of incredulity from others with a sincere demand for feedback, not with self-assured arrogance.

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