Taurus weekly horoscope | Photo: (c)   ROOMPHOTO / shutterstock.com

Taurus horoscope for week 22 (5/25 - 5/31)

Your job helps to build your self-confidence
Taurus weekly horoscope | Photo: (c)   ROOMPHOTO / shutterstock.com

Taurus horoscope for week 22 (5/25 - 5/31)

Your job helps to build your self-confidence

Taurus horoscope for week 22 (5/25 - 5/31)


Working life

Your job helps to build your self-confidence. It's far better to work on fewer things and be able to deliver excellent results. You should go easy on your colleagues, who might not pick up on your actions or respond in the way you want. Try to be a good example in terms of diligence, perseverance, and creativity. Worrying about competition is not necessary right now.


Health wise this week you can enjoy a period of perfect equilibrium. You should try to sustain this healing balance. You might want to increase your workload to feel challenged. Be careful to avoid accidents and any frustration connected with that aim. Physical exercise, hot-cold showers, jogging etc. are great to keep up your elasticity for your new physical challenges.

Love and partnership

You show signs of being passionate. Don't overwhelm your lover with fanciful ideas and suggestions. You should use a slower more sensual approach – gently coax them, don't be too pushy. If you're single, don't mix self-confidence with brusqueness. With a more sophisticated approach, you're more likely to be met with approval. Simply be a little bit more patient!

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