Retrograde Jupiter | Foto: ©

Jupiter points a finger as a warning

Weekly horoscope of the 24th week 2020 (June 8th - June 14th)
Retrograde Jupiter | Foto: ©

Jupiter points a finger as a warning

Weekly horoscope of the 24th week 2020 (June 8th - June 14th)

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Leo week 24

07/23 - 08/23

Jupiter points a finger as a warning

Since May 14th, 2020, the powerful planet of Luck, Jupiter, has been in decline and will continue to occupy this position until September 12th, 2020. During this period of decline, the planet will stand in the sign of Capricorn.

What does this regression under the sign of Capricorn mean for all of us? That is the question we will now consider.

The symbolism of the signs of Jupiter

The great benefactor Jupiter is represented by two symbols, the crescent on the left and the cross on the right:

The crescent symbolizes the soul or the spiritual soul, the cross represents material things, whereby we should strive, according to the symbolism, that both parts determine our life in a balanced and harmonious way. The balance of these two qualities is also a prerequisite for an enjoyable and satisfying experience. 

  • That is one. There are also others.

The soul, or the spiritual soul, and the matter are two opposite phenomena since the soul, or the spiritual soul, is immortal, and the material is mortal and therefore transitory. But both qualities make up our being. And we are also exposed to this dichotomy of transience and eternity all our life on earth – and this dichotomy often causes us great trouble, as is well known.

The deeper meaning of the two symbols

Now, the arrangement of the two symbols in the signs of Jupiter (left the crescent moon, right the cross) has a deeper meaning because left is also the West and right the East. We associate the West to the Sunset, maturity, and perfection. We associate the East to the Sunrise and Birth, elements of development in our lives.

And when the Sun sets in the West, and humans change over into the spiritual world after death, they should also have attained wisdom through honest and moral efforts. Such efforts will then also bring them into the higher and happy regions of the world.

So, this is the meaning of the symbols of Jupiter.  Jupiter gives to all of us this recommendation we have just analyzed. We can find it in the signs of the crescent and the cross. So, we can participate in Jupiter's generous gifts not only in this life here on earth but also later in the spiritual world. Jupiter wants to shower us with happiness, but his condition is just a moral life, which we also have to observe.

  • As always, we have a choice.

We have the reversal of the symbols in the regression.

Now, the placement of the two symbols is interpreted alternately in the retrogression of Jupiter. So, on the left, in the West is the cross - the interests for the material world. On the right, the spiritual soul with the crescent and the claim for eternity.

Material things now suddenly appear as the main goal of our lives, to which our entire commitment is directed, at least for many, and not the spiritual soul!

Why not? It makes sense if the reversal lasts only for a relatively short time. One does not have to leave the moral path for that reason. Given the current economic crisis, which has developed out of the health crisis, the priority for economic survival is a top priority since many livelihoods have already collapsed, and many more will follow.

And that means painful losses, chaos, fear, disappointment, despair, shame, hopelessness, disputes, material limitations and much more from the range of negative possibilities that exist and that we all want to avoid as far as possible, but to which so many of us are now suddenly exposed.

And the energy for a new beginning is something you need first! But maybe Jupiter will help here too because this planet is often helpful!


Jupiter Venus Moon conjunction | Photo: Kevin Russ /

On 11 / 12 May 2013 this beautiful moon / Venus / Jupiter conjunction could be seen in the sky.

Jupiter's current support

It is not without reason that Jupiter is currently under the sign of Capricorn, for whom the material - expressed in extreme terms, the preservation of sheer existence - is the primary concern. For many people, it is now really a matter of survival. For others, hardly affected by the crisis, it is a matter of whether a balance prevails between the material and the spiritual. Or whether the material has already become decisive in their purpose of life, whereby a rethinking and a conversion according to Jupiter would then be appropriate.

As we know, everyone is the architect of one’s happiness, and each of us will, of course, react quite individually to the situation that Jupiter is currently offering us.

Some of the twelve signs of the Zodiac are well off with Jupiter at the moment, some not so well off, but still good, and the third category, the more critical one, must be careful not to fall into the traps represented by the negative features of Jupiter.

Jupiter's negative effects

And these adverse effects are, above all, arrogance and excessive self-estimation, misjudgment of possibilities and circumstances, uncritical good faith, vanity, unteachability, recklessness in all possible areas - and above all excessive waste. The latter should again be expressly warned against because the damage that one causes in the process can cost many years of arduous work.

At present, Jupiter, in its regression, is distributing its special instructions for each of us. He gives us impulses, sends us inspirations and the like so that we may understand his message. We should act now either more materially or we should turn back to the spiritual soul if we are already too one-sidedly materially oriented.

The third possibility concerns those of us who already live according to the idea of striving for a balance between the spiritual soul and the material. Whoever does this, and presently fall in the third and more critical category, will hardly be touched or will not be touched at all.

The present distribution of the gifts of Jupiter.

  • The Zodiac signs Capricorn, Cancer, Taurus, Virgo, Pisces, and Scorpio are currently receiving gifts and favorable opportunities. Thanks a lot!
  • With diligence, exemplary commitment, and optimism, Aquarius and Sagittarius, as well as Gemini and Leo, are also involved. Thank you very much!
  • There could be critical situations with Aries and Libra if the negative characteristic of Jupiter seduces them. Of course, our karmic past always plays a role, about which we know nothing and which could also come forward. Anyway, thank you for the prospects of a better future, because karma is never negative in the end. Still, it helps us finally to find the necessary compensation for our mistakes in our past lives and then to see the best conditions for the future again!

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