Leo horoscope for week 41 (10/5 - 10/11)

Leo horoscope for week 41 (10/5 - 10/11)

Are you ready to try something new?
Leo horoscope for week 41 (10/5 - 10/11)

Leo horoscope for week 41 (10/5 - 10/11)

Are you ready to try something new?

Leo horoscope for week 41 (10/5 - 10/11)

Love and partnership

Lady luck is on your side. You're able to openly deal with outstanding issues and sensitively contribute towards making your relationship more easy-going and pleasant; enhancing the happiness you share. Singles shouldn't be surprised about attracting growing interest as well; you're able to bewitch anyone you meet. Get out and bask in the admiration of others a bit.

Working life

Some people might be envious of your level of energy and self-assurance. These are qualities that turn you into a likeable co-worker and mediator in disputes. Help colleagues whenever you can. You have enough energy to pursue your projects, there's no limit to your dedication and industriousness, which will be noticed by your superiors or the people you wish to impress.


Are you ready to try something new? Since you're full of energy and have a desire for action, now is exactly the right time. Team sport is perfect for you, because your social skills are especially good right now. And if there are not enough people for a team ball game, why not take your best friend or colleagues to the gym after work? It simply is more fun together.

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Horoscope for week 41 (10/5 - 10/11)
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