Weekly Horoscope No. 21 2022

Horoscope: These 3 zodiac signs are kissed by the muse this week

The astrological highlights for week 21 from 23.5. to 29.5. for all zodiac signs
Horoscope for the 21st week (23.5.2022 - 29.5.2022)

This week there are the following significant events in the night sky for all of us

Monday 23 May 2022:

Strong energies are at work today - and acknowledgements are also possible

There are three important and strong constellations today, namely the positive conjunction between Mars and Pluto, the positive conjunction between the Sun and Jupiter, and Mercury moving into the sign Taurus.

The Mars-Pluto constellation provides us with strong forces and makes us hands-on, energetic, indefatigable, adventurous and hard-working. So a lot could get done in the next five days if we set to work!

The Sun-Jupiter constellation makes us likeable, makes us optimistic, self-confident and gives us a lucky hand in our undertakings. This good connection also lasts about five days, which we should definitely take advantage of for important projects. But it could also be that, without contributing anything, we now receive acknowledgements or small gifts, which we would of course be very happy about. With Jupiter, anything is always possible!




Tuesday 24 May 2022:

Quick wit, sharp mind and loyalty

There are two important constellations again today, and they are the positive angle between Mercury and Mars, and the positive conjunction between Venus and Saturn. - The Mercury-Mars conjunction gives us quick-wittedness and a sharp mind. So today you find the right word at the right time, which will be a very special help for all salesmen today, as well as for all those who have to do with written work professionally.


And the Venus-Saturn connection influences us, as far as love is concerned, in the direction of faithfulness and honesty. Furthermore, this constellation brings about an increased sense of reality, sobriety and a sense of duty. We also have a good connection to older people and a good relationship to material assets during this time. And thrift is also emphasised during these days. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2022:

Lots of power from Mars - but good fortune is also possible! Today energy planet Mars moves into the sign Aries and brings us powerful energy. If we use this positively, Mars brings us a healthy portion of determination and drive. However, Aries Mars also warns that we could now get into more arguments and display a certain amount of disturbing anger.

Read more about Aries in Mars and which zodiac signs will benefit most in our news.




The Jupiter-Moon conjunction may bring good luck!

The luck could also express itself through protection of women! But many other things are also possible. Small moments of luck are possible today as well as bigger ones. These constellations, which are always discussed here, apply to all signs of all ages. The individual horoscope is not taken into account, which is why, if the individual horoscope also turns out well, the general tendency is expressed much more strongly. 

Thursday, May 26, 2022:

Linguistic and written success through Mercury and Pluto

Today Mercury and Pluto conjoin at a conducive angle, which is why the positive qualities of the two planets will come to the fore. This is, for example, a sharp mind and also criticism that is well founded with good means. One could also speak of diplomatic cleverness, which can now express itself. And also the areas of money and power are now affected, which are important today and which will become important if one is skilful in their use. Pluto, after all, brings about assertiveness, and he also has the ability, through cleverness and good arguments, to push through his goals. Unfortunately, these beneficial qualities only work for about two days.




Friday, 27 May 2022:

Intense love life with perhaps dramatic scenes

The square between Venus and Pluto becomes exact today, which will continue to be effective for the next few days. Pluto in tense aspects, after all, always has to do with power and violent influences, which we should beware of. And today, with Venus, the goddess of love, square to Pluto, it is precisely this possible abuse of power that is being addressed. Eroticism, passion and power tendencies are at play today, although there are always boundaries, as we know, that should not be crossed. Infidelity could also make itself felt today, conflicts in the partnership, and unusual tensions in the love life. And since the Goddess of Love also encompasses the realm of art, fanaticism could also appear in matters of art.

Saturday, May 28, 2022:

Venus moves into the sign of Taurus today

As Venus moves into Taurus and thus into one of her signs (her second sign is Libra), love and the material are now writ large. In Taurus, Venus also has the qualities of the morning star, which means that Venus can now be hands-on when life requires it. She can also be courageous and, if necessary, make sacrifices. But only if it is necessary, as I said, because otherwise she is already completely set on love.

Likewise on luxury and pleasure, which is why there is now an emphasis on jewellery, possessions and good food. Venus in Taurus is faithful, domestic, constant in matters of feeling and tender and romantic. The whole field of art now becomes important, and especially the fields of music and song. Wine is still missing, because then we already have the waltz title "Wein, Weib und Gesang" (Wine, Woman and Song) by Johann Strauss, who described exactly these Venus qualities with his wonderful music.


Who is kissed by the muse?

When Venus is in Taurus, the bulls, virgins and Capricorns do particularly well. But also the Pisces and the Cancers will get their money's worth. In the special area, this concerns not only love, but also art and culture.


Avatar woman in a magical forest


Sunday, May 29, 2022:

Successful creation through Mars and Jupiter

Today the conjunction or very close connection between Mars and Jupiter becomes exact, which will continue to work during the next five days. Basically, this time promises successful work and profitable decisions. Which is something to be proud of. And since this conjunction will take place in Aries, there will also be a lot of idealism involved, a need for freedom and a desire for independence. An optimistic attitude towards life will be noticeable in many of us, which is a quality that already has a motivating effect on others.

Aries also symbolises nobility, openness and honesty. Gifts could also come in these days, or even recognition. Well, let's wait and see what the two planets have in store for us! Let us be surprised!

So much for the overview with the information and the effects from these stellar events. Further information can be found in the respective daily horoscopes and in the news.

To you, dear readers

i wish you a good week, good thoughts and many positive influences from the stars

Kurt Franz and the entire schicksal.com team.


Finally, an important piece of wisdom

It comes from Rudolf Steiner's rich treasure of knowledge and reads:

"For only when man overcomes the powers that resist him can he appropriate the strong forces from the universe that lead upwards."

So this also means to constantly strive to develop inner strength. We should think of this every day.

Please read about the current planetary constellations and their effect on the zodiac signs in our Astro News.

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