Weekly Horoscope No. 22

Make a Fresh Start With the New Moon in Gemini

Horoscope for the 22nd week (5/30 - 6/5)
Horoscope for the 22nd week (5/30 - 6/5)

Several significant things are happening in the starry sky this week

1. The New Moon in Gemini brings lightness to life

Monday, 30 May 2022

The need for communication will be increased today, which is why you will enjoy talking to people and enjoy life. You will be cheerful and tolerant. It is also a good day to take care of new reading. It is also a good day to think about further education and to do something about it. And of course today would also be the right day to start a project that has to do with communication in some way. The range is wide. It could be a sales project that one starts and consistently continues. It could be an extensive written work that one starts today, or even an educational programme that one participates in.

The Moon also makes positive connections with Jupiter and Mars today. As far as Jupiter is concerned, you can expect helpfulness, visits, acknowledgements, small gifts and advantages with offices and superiors. The Moon-Mars conjunction helps us to be enterprising, goal-oriented and perhaps also to achieve minor successes.

2. Moon and Neptune: Beware of deception and mendacity

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Moon and Neptune enter into a difficult conjunction with each other today, which is why the bad qualities of both planets can now be activated, - which can also be passed on to us. These include deception, secrecy and unclear, nebulous behaviour. And we could also be dealing with opaqueness today. Cowardice and despondency are also part of it. So we are warned and pay close attention. Which can then lead to us also becoming more aware of ourselves, and that in turn can lead to us not also acting as described above.


3. Moon and Venus: Reminder of Kindness  

Wednesday, 1 June 2022:

June 1 is International Children's Day, an event that has probably not yet penetrated the general public's consciousness very much. But at least the stars take reference for this event today, because Moon and Venus connect to a favourable sextile, which will cause a lot of kindness in us, furthermore mental balance, charm, tactfulness and also a loving attitude towards our life partners. This aspect also brings about a good relationship with our mothers and a mutual understanding between the women. And these loving relationships naturally include the children, all the children of the world, to whom we want to offer the best possible future through our love and through our efforts.

Uranus and Jupiter: Special experiences await us

Thursday, June 2, 2022:

These special experiences will be brought about today by the positive connection between the two planets Uranus and Jupiter. Uranus is always good for surprises, and in the Moon not only our emotional world is expressed, but especially the feminine or maternal. When these two qualities work together, it can also lead to inspirations of all kinds. The area of relationships alone is so interesting - if we disregard the much higher inspirations for science and art - that one would have to deal with it more closely and in more detail, because it is simply interesting.

Because when Uranus and the Moon come together in this positive aspect, there is a spark between man and woman. Why? Because the interaction of the two planets in this constellation makes both men and women largely future-oriented! So there you go, we are largely future-oriented. And immediately, in the case of a corresponding encounter, the question arises within the participants: What would it be like with her? Or how would it be with him? Which also has to do with future orientation.


Whether something comes of it depends on many factors, of course. One of them is Mars, from which courage comes. If it is currently weak in both parties, there will be a lack of courage to ask a question or to pay a compliment. You may only get a smile or a meaningful look. After all, it's better than nothing, but the chance is probably lost. As is so often the case, isn't it? And then you have to wait again until a similar situation arises and hope that Mars will then be helpful.

4. Mercury goes direct today

Friday, 3 June 2022

Mercury goes direct again today, so from now on we can expect normal conditions again in the whole area of communication. It is in Taurus, and this means that the financial area is also addressed at the moment, which is important for all of us now. For many of us, corrections may have been necessary during the retrograde - the retrograde also indicated this - which should now have been repaired or remedied. If this has been done, the situation will improve in the future. In the other case, if the necessary corrections have been ignored, the problems will reappear later.

But otherwise there are also pleasant or positive manifestations with Mercury in Taurus at present. It not only promotes the practical mind, which is very useful in professional and financial matters, but it also brings about initiatives in the field of love and art, since Venus, the goddess of love, is herself the ruler of the sign Taurus. And she is, if not prevented by envious planetary colleagues, always very accessible to the pleasures of life. And if we also do our part and become active, then her efforts in the area of pleasure will certainly be even more effective!


5. Saturn turns retrograde until October 24

Saturday, June 4, 2022:

Saturn turns retrograde on Friday, June 4, holding this position until October 24, 2022. Basic interpretations are detailed below in the daily horoscope for Saturday. However, we will deal with more profound effects here, namely those that affect our karma. Retrograde Saturn always indicates a recurring theme from our previous incarnations. Of which, of course, we know nothing more. And since we usually need a long time to learn something and to understand things properly, important and unresolved issues keep coming back into our lives until they have been resolved by us.

Much of what we do in this life now is a continuation from previous lives. However, there are of course always new circumstances and situations, because the development of the world does not stand still, and we are also constantly changing. This means that the circumstances Saturn is confronting us with now are somewhat different than they were then, and we have to find a solution for them with new methods, Saturn is now drawing our attention to this. But in principle they are the same problems we are currently confronted with, which were there then too, and which we have not yet solved.

But people with a lot of intuition and empathy find it much easier than those who believe that fate is unfair and is confronting them for no reason with these difficulties that could now arise, because they already have an idea of the connections. For our fate is recorded in the stars, all the deeds of our lives, the good as well as the bad, are stored there, which is why no unjust fate hits us.


For all signs it is true that now, since Saturn also represents all authority figures as well as offices and institutions, we should deal with these authorities respectfully and not haughtily or carelessly or even disrespectfully. Experience shows that one then gets the short end of the stick. But this is only one factor of Saturn, since it can encompass practically all areas of our lives. With retrograde, however, we also often experience that Saturn has set in motion an unpleasant issue for us in the previous weeks, which we are now to correct, and we have time for this until Saturn becomes direct again, and that will be the case on 24 October 2022. And once the matters he has brought to our attention have been dealt with then, there are usually no new obstructions during his onward course.

But today there are also two good conjunctions of the Moon with Jupiter and Mars, so there could be benefits for us in the areas of protection, benevolence and sociability, as well as creativity, energy, optimism and courage.

Sunday, June 5, 2022:

Pentecost Sunday is the day of the Holy Spirit and the day of the environment

And Goethe should not be absent on these two days of Pentecost either, whose epic in 12 cantos, "Reineke Fuchs", begins with the sentence that has become famous: "Pfingsten, das liebliche Feste war gekommen." And the next verses also point to an auspicious springtime, which we may enjoy in God's beautiful nature. They read:

"Green and blossoming are field and forest; On hill and hillside, in bushes and hedges, A merry song the new-spirited birds practised; Every meadow sprouted with flowers in fragrant grounds, Festive cheerful shone the sky and colourful the earth;"


Wonderful poetry. Now as far as the Christian feast of Pentecost is concerned, the risen Christ, who visibly appeared to his apostles and also to many other people in his spiritual body, visibly took leave of mankind, returned to the sun on the one hand, but also remained in our earth as a spiritual body. ("I am with you always, even unto the end of the world"). Whoever lives according to his teaching of neighbourly love and does good, not only strengthens and elevates his own soul, but at the same time also strengthens the spiritual body of the Christ, who is connected with our earth, which is why through this a close relationship of the individual human being already happens during his lifetime with Christ on earth. And after the death of such a person, his soul is attracted by the immortal spirit of the Christ and received into His kingdom.

And as far as the Day of the Environment is concerned, which is being celebrated today, the starry world has also prepared itself for this and has planned a positive connection between the sun and the moon, and therefore there will be a good understanding between the sexes. And when this happens, the environment will at least have peace and quiet for once, because it will be largely spared from human discord caused by disputes.

So much for the overview of the individual days this week with information about the stellar events.

The planets in the signs of the zodiac

  • Mercury in Taurus - comes into direct heat again on 3 June 2022
  • Venus in Taurus
  • Mars in Aries
  • Jupiter in Aries
  • Saturn in Aquarius - goes retrograde from 4 June to 24 October 2022
  • Uranus in Taurus
  • Neptune in Pisces
  • Pluto in Capricorn

Finally, an important piece of wisdom

It comes from Rudolf Steiner's rich store of knowledge and reads:

"For only when man overcomes the powers that resist him can he appropriate the strong forces from the universe that lead upwards."

So this also means to constantly strive to develop inner strength. We should think of this every day.

To you, dear readers,

i wish you a good week, good thoughts and many positive star influences

Kurt Franz

and the entire astrosfa.com staff team.


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