Week 28

Taurus Weekly Horoscope (7/11/22 – 7/17/22)

Your Hyper-Energy Level Is Particularly Noticeable
Taurus Weekly Horoscope for Week 28 (11.07.22 - 17.07.22)


You appear to be full of self-confidence, finally ready to push on and develop your ideas further! You can make a lot of things happen and are stirring up a lot of dust as you go. You'll easily catch up on anything that you've not completed so far. After this you continue with your ambitious plans, which you'll accomplish masterfully, with a definite guarantee of success!

Love and partnership

Your hyper-energy level is particularly noticeable. You're ready to tackle some of the tensions that have built up over time between you. Be careful that you don't overwhelm your lover. Not everyone can keep up or cope with such a passionate approach! The same applies if you're single and looking for a relationship. Don't rush; instead wait for the things to come to you.


You've significantly more energy than usual; you're far more robust and resistant to any pressure. Push yourself to the limit; you can't afford to become complacent. Make sure that you use your excess energy, otherwise you'll become restless, easily irritated And being keyed up prone to accidents. Especially, if you've an office job, some physical exercise is advisable.

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28. Week (7/11 - 7/17)

The astrological outlook for all zodiac signs for love, job and health from 7/11 - 7/17
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