2016 Pisces Horoscope

Pisces experience a year full of challenge and surprise in 2016: Confirming energy is given by Mars, Jupiter and Venus – a prosperous 2016!

Annual Horoscope 2016 Zodiac Sign Pisces (c) Patryk Kosmider / Fotolia

The Martian year might not become a year of ease. All-the-year Saturn has a strong effect on Pisces caused by the square constellation. However, Pisces knows about the power of other planets and she is prepared to take risks. Emerging challenges let you grow! Jupiter offers lucky moments – added by harmony and Venus brings even moments of happiness and mutual affection.

January 2016 – Saturn vs. Jupiter

All-the-year Saturn and a square have strong effects on Pisces, which causes difficulties and obstructions. Problems and difficulties concerning health and emotional engagements are to be expected. Intriguing and scheming could happen.

Cautious is required: Saturn sets a square!

That is just the way it is: a drop of bitterness comes to light, but each single zodiac sign experience - maybe this fact slightly consoles. Now it is your turn, Pisces! Pisces, don‘t be discouraged – the results will be fine. Maybe you should be depressed, certainly you get succeed finally - keep a good and detailed look around and then take your chance! Good news brings Jupiter: his influence has an effect until 9th September, a quite long phase. On one hand Jupiter stays in the sign of Virgo and creates an opposition what means adverse effects, one the other hand you achieve the opportunity to turn it into something good - with regard to your personal growth. Things could change into something complete different- and that does not mean the worst case!

Jupiter has a positive effect.

This experience represents our personal knowledge – gaining further advantages. Hopeful expectations passing our way and the path must be chosen. Jupiter offers such an invitation. Details that happen in January: At the beginning of the month Mercury enters in the sign of Capricorn – which means a fine development for Pisces, but after 5th January he starts his regression – you should be mindful concerning business transactions.

Be aware of your goods and riches – have a keen eye for your possessions. If there should have been made some mistakes in the past, now the time has come to correct them - under quite difficult circumstances. Have a close and detailed look at possible sources of errors – could be avoid next time.The regression of Mercury rests until 25th January – after business runs as usual and you can turn towards business transaction and contemplate the pleasant change for the better. Venus enters in the sign of Sagittarius what means a square is created now. Certainly love is kept on back burner, but nothing else is prepared for you now. On 23rd January Venus leaves the square and enters finally in the sign of Capricorn – now there is a complete obvious change can be realized! Venus regains her courtesy – she shows herself most delightful and those charming attributes are sent to Pisces now. Thanks to Venus. On 3rd January Mars enters into the water sign of Scorpio - she is similar in character towards Pisces and brings them full vigour! Good news finally: Jupiter is beneficial towards Pisces and brings her all his presents now. Those of you dear Pisces, who might be full of awareness, will discover the most. Heartfelt thanks to Jupiter!

February 2016 – good times

This effect will rest throughout 4 weeks - from 20th February to 20th March. Pisces celebrates her birthday and the sun gives most of his energy - expressed by optimism, vitality and zest for life. Birthday congratulation, Pisces!

Prosperous business performance.

Mercury stays still in the sign of Capricorn – a fabulous position that can be expected prosperous and successful business performance. Continuing on until 13th February after Mercury enters in the sign of Aquarius and a beneficial sextile is created – now is gained satisfied constellation which means best prosperity is on the advance.

Magnificient time for romance.

Venus stays still in the sign of Capricorn – and that makes considerable heartfelt time for a romance. This condition is kept until 17th February after Venus changes to the sign of Aquarius. The time of the sextile is over - a neutral phase is arriving without any benefit or obstructions - concerning love matters passion calms down. You may have learnt such days can be smooth and tender as well. Mars stays still in the sign of Scorpio with a trigon which gives a strong effect on Pisces - she is deliberate and spends blithesome birthday celebrations! Jupiter is faithful at her side – he offers his assistance as much as he can.  Cordial thanks to Jupiter! It is happening such a fine month.

March 2016 – Venus is gracious and kind to Pisces

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There are various gifts of love...

Time of Pisces continues on… The sun stays in the sign of Pisces and is actually benevolent – offers a great amount of zest of life and vitality until 20th March. Thanks to your help, sun! Mercury enters into the sign of Pisces on 5th March and the time for prosperous business interaction has come…

Regrettably continues this period only until 21st March – just more or less a fortnight, so it most the important topic to take the opportunity to make the best of it! On 22nd March Mercury leaves the top position and changes to the sign of Aries, which means a neutral position without any beneficial actions but without molestation as well…

Prepared for love and romance!

On love matters some high spots are expected when Venus brings its presents to Pisces - nobody shall be allowed to say Venus isn’t amazing… when great birthday presents arte made. When Venus enters in the sign of Pisces nothing is left to be said about its grace and will to give big amount of affection and benefits to the birthday children of the month. Some marvellous moments of romance happen! You have waited such a long time. Wishing it would be last forever… Those, who are in search of a partner, could get succeed – the best path to find one.

Benevolent supported by Mars

After a fabulous birthday month with lots of affection and benevolent gifts appears now the difficult phase of the square constellation and makes Pisces impetuous – what rarely happens. Those who have enough spare time and opportunities would do their best to change this state of mind by doing sportivity - instead of quarrel Maybe the response of a weakened body could be caused by a more serious inflammation, which could be disappeared after a few days. Maybe it is the position of Jupiter at Pisces’ side, which guarantees to mitigate negative influence of even do not let it work at all! However, thanks to Jupiter and his formidable presents!

April 2016 – helpful energy

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Nature inspires all the time...

On 6th April restarts a prosperous period for business and career prepared by the supporting sextile. The sextile stays in the sign of Taurus until 12th June. Unrestricted working occurs until the end of the month – 28th April – followed by the regression of Mercury. Have a close and detailed look at possible sources of errors – could be avoid next time. As   mentioned before: Please, follow that advice and nothing bad might be happen to you. To be continued next month…

Maybe meet your soul mate or lifetime partner

Venus stays in its top position for a few days – still enough time to find someone to share your further life… Dear Pisces don‘t let things drift – nothing happens by itself. From 5th April Venus changes to the sign of Aries where it rests until the end of the month. Venus remains in the sign of Aries, which represents a calm period with regard to love matters – Pisces can be satisfied - fine. Mars is in the sign of Sagittarius and forms still the square, which promises always difficulties and interruption - Sports is a good medium - aimed at defusing tensions and so energy could be redirected to wiser and meaningful activity. Jupiter is faithful at her side and offers its assistance as much as he can. Those of you dear Pisces, who might be full of awareness, will discover the most – its gifts and presence for now.

May 2016 – expose your active part

The second regression of Mercury continues up to 22nd May. It is followed by another direct motion of Mercury and brings back normal and predominately trouble free circumstances. Mercury is Freya:  the Goddess of communication, travel and the power of mind – and maybe sometimes of dark intelligence – has a fine position at that moment when it stays in the sign of Taurus – best prerequisite for success. It pays. You will be rewarded soon, if you would take the active part. During the phase of regressiveness you have should a keen eye on business matters.

Upward and euphoric drift!

From 30th April Venus stays in the sign of Taurus and the promising time for romance reappears. The merry month of May works very precisely and gives you the advice to enjoy your life… Some marvellous moments of romance happen!  After 24th May love on the back burner – following the general tendency… Venus sets the guideline. Next month the individual situation is improving. Mars leaves finally the square on 27th May – for heaven’s sake – Mars can Pisces send all its energy to re-erect her. Thank you Mars! 

June 2016 – improvement in sights

Prosperous time continues until 12th June after Mercury enters into the sign of Gemini and structures the undesired square - Pisces has to defy resistance. Routine is on demand. But finally this molestation comes to an end on 30th June when mercury enters into the sign of Cancer – good times would have arrived!

Resolved problems - thanks to leaving squares!

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A new love is like a new life!

Venus gives up its square on 17th June and it seems to feel reborn. Affection comes and goes - and affection – a significant topic referring to Pisces approaches to her heart within those days. Wonderful times of romance are created… Mars in the sign of Scorpio provides necessary energy so Pisces could master her demanding life style nowadays. Pisces should thank to her stars constellation. One more thanks to Jupiter, which is always at the side of Pisces – giving all to support her furthermore. By the way, the tolerable influence of various squares caused by Mercury and Venus – are now absolutely moderated.

July 2016 – lively Pisces

Mercury stays in the water sign of Cancer - she is similar in character towards Pisces and brings her the sun in the trigon what does spell full speed ahead in each application! Prosperous perspective when Venus leaves her opposition towards Leo on 12th March and enters in the sign of Pisces what brings this month of harmony and calmness. 

A fine time for romance and career

Venus itself stays in the sign of emotional Cancer what will bring profound and intensive waves of emotion and passion. If a new love will happen this may be the path to follow and build up trust and later confidence. Such a top time of romance might be kept up to 11th July. Venus brings its benefits after 12th July to the sign of Leo – pleasant times, but Venus offers now neutrality without much support for Pisces and remains there  -afterwards the magic seems to be gone… You might have learnt such days - smooth and tender could be fine as well.

Mars is entering the stage!

Full of vitality and facing the welcoming trigon is Pisces in top form that month - lively and she is so lovely to look at. Gratitude and grace are the enchanting gifts made by Jupiter. She can still count on it – Jupiter is reliable and remains at her side.

August 2016 – live healthy!

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Take good care for your health!

On 30th July Mercury enters into the sign of Mercury. On the one hand it is benevolent when the Mercury – Mercury constellation is represented it is created an atmosphere of high versatility, communication, eloquence and travelling. Rapid perception and quick comprehension are shown on the agenda…the opposition towards the sun might most probably disguise the benevolent influence of Jupiter. Benevolent gifts with regard to journeys and visits. Maybe it appears confrontation with permanent effects – both sides could be seen: the dark side and the bright side as well... But take your chance on career – it pays off. Venus enters into the sign of Virgo on 5th and stays until 29th August what spells a promising time for romance and love matters. 

Move to fresh air!

Mars leaves its top position towards the sign of Pisces on 2nd August and structures a square. Mars forms still a square: so take good care for your healthy condition - take your time for extended walks in nature, do some sports and remember that recommended advice as it mentioned. Jupiter gives generally vigorous energy all month long. Afterwards it sends its benefits to other sign of the zodiac. You will miss it! Thanks a million to Jupiter and its assistance. It will return soon…

September 2016 – say good bye to Jupiter

During the phase of regressiveness you have should a keen eye on business matters – the phase starts on 30th August. Unrestricted working occurs until the end of the month – followed by the regression of Mercury. Have a close and detailed look at possible sources of errors – could be avoid next time. As   mentioned before: Please, follow that advice and nothing bad might be happen to you. Have a close and detailed look at possible sources of errors – could be avoid next time.. The regressiveness continues on until 21st September and later in case of the new challenges on professional level you could find out something new and would have favourable starting conditions. Those, who are calculating their horoscopes are informed about these topics and know what they have to do… This fine condition is preserved until 7th October.

Show enthusiasm for your new hobby?

On 30th August Venus enters into the sign of Libra and a neutral position is recreated because romance is not the primary topic at the moment – turn to another pastime, maybe try a new hobby? Sometimes, such a thing has to be done… Mars leaves its square on 27th September and enters now into the sign of Scorpio – therefore Pisces gains drive and vividness once again. Jupiter is welcome for supporting - for nine days it is provided. After all it brings farewell presents. Heartfelt thanks, Jupiter!   

October 2016 – love on probation

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Heart defeated...

Mercury keeps its beneficial position until 7th October – best chance to advance your career before Mercury enters into the sign of Libra which is more or less a matter of your individual point of view – without too high expectations you won’t be disappointed – predominately a calm time. Obliging work is proceeding on schedule up to 24th October. Afterwards Mercury enters into the water sign of Scorpio - she is similar in character towards Pisces and fine results could be achieved – predominantly applied for the purpose of career. Venus stays from 1st to 18th October in top position - in the sign of Scorpio – marvellous time for romance is on stage. Try to make the best of it!

Emotional cooling off within the cold season…

In connection with entering into the sign of Sagittarius the happy days are now gone and the cooling off phase is actually significant – the square constellation performs its standard. Love and romance is kept on the back burner – it could easily happen to be annoyed by your spouse, fiancé or lover. Maybe concerning love matters and half-baked emotional conceptions new critical awareness could raise towards spouse, fiancée and lovers. There are rigid attitudes towards your beloved ones are palpable – and make your love life exhausting. Open your eyes and realize what remains when you look behind the curtain: what about your imagination concerning marriage or similar relationship and with regard to your true estimation towards your partner, spouse or fiancée? But you see both sides now and might decide, what is your intention and conviction concerning that matter. Mars makes Pisces adventurous, agile and ambitious, thanks Mars.

November 2016 – mindful and contemplative autumn

The excellent position of Mercury rests until 12th November – Pisces should take her chance to adopt it and seize courageously her opportunities – especially with regard to occupational career. Later times are changing and such advance is lost when the unpopular square re-appears on the scene – the square causes lots of excitement, trouble and difficulties of every kind. The square remains until 11th November – followed by another period of warm-hearted kindness towards Pisces.

Such a constellation makes you pondering …

©Voyagerix - Fotolia.com
Consider doing something honourable...!

Resuming and wondering why things would have happened this way… Pisces might have learnt it from her own experiences. Thinking over love matters, romance, marriage… what do you actually think about it at the moment? Are you content? Or is there any need to improve and change something in general? Now the opportunity has come to choose it as topic. We see: such a square could make sense for decisions. The year ends with an intensive period of passion, continuing until the end of the month. Mars gives still a lot of energy until 8th November – later it is reduced and weakens the vitality of Pisces, but she might be still content at the moment.

December 2016 – Merry Christmas

In December the professional perspectives are rather prosperous – generally positive development can be expected – in company of a sextile. On 19th December - for the 4th time this year- Mercury starts again its regressive phase staying until 8th January and hence, the rule of cautiousness is necessary – just a drop of bitterness. Have a close and detailed look at possible sources of errors – they could be avoided for next time. Correct now your mistake of the past – it’s too late to complain. C’est la vie.

Intensive emotions

Venus remains in a neutral position, which represents a calm period with regard to love matters – Pisces could be satisfied – maybe contented, when such a period full of tenderness let you come to know what will happen next when the foretaste of the Christmas season is already prepared… Bring about the issue of profound emotion Pisces are able to: perfect Christmas time – it’s celebrated on the occasion of affection and indulgence. Neptune represents dreams, but illusions, instincts and physic capabilities – the God of the seas and subliming ideals.

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