Free 2019 yearly horoscope | Photo © ValentinValkov -

Yearly horoscope 2019

The Year of Mercury
Free 2019 yearly horoscope | Photo © ValentinValkov -

Video: The yearly horoscope for all zodiac signs

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Yearly horoscope 2019


New Year - new luck! The year 2019 will be shaped by the planet Mercury. Hard work, business sense, and good communication will be especially encouraged this year.

Jupiter is in Sagittarius from 2019 until the beginning of December, which means good stars for Sagittarius, Aries, Leo, Aquarius, and Libra. Teacher Saturn is in Capricorn all year - a problematic constellation for Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, and Libra.

What does the future bring for the twelve zodiac signs?

Horoscope Aries 2019 | Photo: ©

Aries have lucky charm Jupiter on their side. They should take their opportunities!

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Taurus 2019 | Photo: (c) selenit  -

Taurus can enjoy sympathy and happiness all summer long.

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Gemini 2019 | Photo: ©

Gemini will have to remain patient in 2019, then it will finally be a beautiful year.

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© Murillo

It´s a bumpy start for people with zodiac sign Cancer, but they will be treated well by Mercury.

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(c) kuzmichstudio -

Leo is looking forward to a year full of happy moments. Just don´t lose sight of reality!

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Virgo can rely on Jupiter and Saturn. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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Libra has to deal with some obstacles. But don´t worry: Jupiter brings new opportunities.

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Scorpio will have a beautiful year 2019 and can expect small gifts!

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Promotion is possible for Sagittarius. And maybe also a new love!

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Capricorn is really tough in 2019 and gets along very well.

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Aquarius is full of energy due to the influence of Mars: The red planet awakes their ambition!

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Pisces enjoy a flying start in 2019: Full of desire for adventure and engagement!

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(c) AdobeStock_231395046

The new year will be shaped by Mercury. The planet primarily stands for communication - in both a negative and positive sense.

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Horrorscope by | Foto: ©

2019 could be a really scary year! The Horrorscope for all zodiac signs by There is only one thing you can be sure of: We don´t take it seriously with this horoscope...

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Kurt Franz | Photo: Furgler

Some info about chief astrologer Kurt Franz: His sun is in the sign of Pisces; his ascendant is Taurus, the moon is in the sign of Virgo and Jupiter stays in the 10th house.

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12 month forecast 2020 | Photo: ©

The detailed annual astrological preview for 2020.

$29.95 $24.95

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Calculate your rising sign | Photo: ©

Chart your ascendant, zodiac sign, moon sign and horoscope of birth - discover who you really are!

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Partnerhoroskop kostenlos | Foto: © Sergey_T -

How well do two zodiac signs match? How do they harmonize in love? You will find out in the partner horoscope. Do the love test!

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Kurt Franz | Photo: Furgler

About the author

Some info about chief astrologer Kurt Franz: His sun is in the sign...

Free 2019 yearly horoscope | Photo © ValentinValkov -

Yearly horoscope 2019

New year, new you! Thanks to the power of Mercury, 2019 has the pot...