Monthly horoscope June Aries | photo: (c) Masson -

Monthly horoscope Aries June 2019

What are the stars for Aries in March 2019 in love, work, and health?
Monthly horoscope June Aries | photo: (c) Masson -

Monthly horoscope Aries June 2019

What are the stars for Aries in March 2019 in love, work, and health?

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Monthly horoscope Aries June 2019


Venus has a great deal to do with Aries.

Professionally and in correspondence matters, Aries should be particularly careful in June. Although they will feel strong and well-balanced, they should not exaggerate and enjoy some relaxation.

For vitality and well-being

The Sun will still stand in Gemini until June 21st, so a favorable ⚹extile will continue to balance events and donate positive power that strengthens vitality and promote performance. You will also be able to count on better health and success. You will have better decision-making skills, will be ready to face all kind of situation, and feel much more assertive.

Monatshoroskop Juni Widder 2019 | Foto: (c) Masson -

The physical condition and the mental state will be in a harmonious relationship. In the course of 21t June, the Sun will move to the sign Cancer, this is why there is now a square position, which could bring certain disadvantages. Maybe some people will now face something they had not expected. But if you will be prepared for it, you will not be surprised and you will be able to react.

The Planet of Energy, Mars, will stand all over the month in the sign Cancer, resulting in a square position. A powerful force, coming from Mars, will appear, but it should be steered in the right direction; otherwise, it could degenerate into aggression. Anyway, it would be better to look after your health and not exaggerate working too much.

The prosperous planet Jupiter is still in great shape. You will feel very well now, so well, that you will often enjoy just relaxing. That's the other side of the coin, and if you persist on that, you will probably not be able to take advantage of many opportunities. Of course, some things will be fortunate enough for Arieses without having to do anything for getting them, but experience teaches that they will not be too many. However, when you become really active, you will have the opportunity to conquer new realms, and Jupiter will support being the Lord of Ideals. Relationships with other people will be mostly good because you are becoming more tolerant.

One should not be overly influenced by Saturn, the so-called teacher or stern master, because the planet continues to form a square for Aries, reason why some unpleasant influences may become evident. It's ok, the karma balance demands it just like that, but you should not give up your activities, do not let them fly away!

Profession, money, and communication:

Mercury will be beneficial to Gemini until June 4th so you could take some days off which could be used for business, money affairs, and communication. During the 4th June, Mercury will move to Cancer, resulting in a square position which will end on 27th June.

Monatshoroskop Juni Widder 2019 | Foto: (c) detailblick-foto -

This is why one has to reckon with errors, misunderstandings, disappointing correspondence, unwanted visits, and even lies. So now it's essential to pay attention to avoid mistakes. In the course of 27th June, Mercury will then move to the related fire sign Leo, so now the best conditions will be displayed!

Love, happy moments and art:

Venus will stand in the neighbor sing Taurus until June 9th, giving way to more neutral moments in the area of love and pleasant things, due to the aspect of the ⚺extile. In the course of 9th June, the goddess of love and art will then move to the sign Gemini, which is why Venus will now provide for exciting moments. Enjoy this beautiful time!

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