Yearly Horoscope Leo 2019

What do the stars say about love, career and health for Leo in 2019?

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Leo 2019

(July 23rd - August 23rd) - Utilizing opportunities

Jupiter, the great planet of luck, will be in its positive trine position through 12/2/2019. During this time you will enjoy many exciting opportunities, which are certain to be gratifying to those who take them. After 12/2, Jupiter will form a square aspect. However, you may still enjoy good opportunities - your job is to use these by staying grounded in reality and not letting yourself be swept away by overblown ideas and short-term perspectives. Jupiter will continue to reward Leos, but be careful of recklessness and ill considered projects! Saturn, the great teacher, is in a relatively mild mood from its quincunx aspect. It will make you aware of changes you need to recognize. That will be characteristic of the entire year. Your job is to utilize the opportunities and recognize the positive possibilities, and Jupiter and Saturn are there to help you do it!

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