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Year of Mercury 2019

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Year of Mercury 2019

The new year will be shaped by Mercury

Mercury is the fastest planet in our solar system, orbiting the sun every 88 days! It will have an especially strong influence on the stars this year. The planet primarily stands for communication - in both a negative and positive sense. It was also named for the Roman god Mercury, the god of commerce and the god of thieves, as well as the god of travelers.

Everyday Life with Mercury

Feeling skillful in your interactions with others, being fixated on good results, and having your mind on the next successful business deal - these are all typical signs that Mercury is influencing your professional life. People who work in retail, especially, will be able to achieve great results with Mercury at their back. However, if another planet doesn’t get in the way, everyone feels more ambitious while Mercury is ruling the heavens. We all feel a thirst for more knowledge and exhibit better negotiating skills during this time. Frequently, we gain these skills through continued training, going back to school, or learning a new language.

Mercury in Retrograde

When Mercury is in retrograde, business doesn’t go as planned. It’s better to wait for another day to sign any contracts. Communication is more difficult than usual. However, this isn’t always the case. After all, the other planets might have something to say about these things too. If you want to be on the safe side, it’s better not to rush anything during this time. Instead, consider your actions carefully. Mercury’s thieving side could come out, after all, and cause you harm. You might even harm yourself if you focus only on your own success.

These are the main characteristics Mercury will be exhibiting in 2019. But although Mercury’s influence over our stars waxes and wanes over time, the other planets will also be playing a role. Together, they generally work in our favor, even if it doesn’t always seem that way. Sometimes, there are moments when we almost can’t believe our luck - when everything goes according to plan. Mercury certainly has something to do with these times...

The Planet Mercury

The planet Mercury is the smallest of the planets and the closest to the sun. It is 91 million kilometers away from the sun. Since it revolves around the sun and is not always exposed to the same level of solar radiation, the planet does have seasons. Besides Venus, Mercury is the only planet in our solar system that doesn’t have a moon. It has a diameter of approx. 4,880 kilometers. The surface of the planet is covered in craters made by meteorites, and it shows signs of volcanic activity in its past. It is exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations.

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