Aquarius yearly horoscope 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Aquarius in 2018?

Aquarius 2018

If Aquarians can stay calm and level-headed in 2018, they’ll be able to achieve a lot. Jupiter, the lucky planet, will be forming a square with the sign of Aquarius through November 8th. During this time, Aquarians will be able to achieve great things, as long as they don’t lose their footing and keep their goals realistic.  Maintaining a good balance between activity and rest, that’s your task for the year!

Saturn and all its energies will be in the background throughout the year. However, even when it returns to a positive aspect you should still expect some uncomfortable karmic topics to cross your path.

Festive mood

Aquarians will start January 2018 with a festive mood! The sun will move into Aquarius on 1/20/2018. During this time, Aquarians will receive a good boost of energy and power from the sun to make their projects and dreams a reality. Good opportunities await in terms of career and communication through 1/11. The best period for love starts after 1/18, when Venus will also be in your sign. Definitely make sure and enjoy this high point, which comes right at the beginning of the year!

Good times will continue through February 18th 2018. Positive thinking, good vitality, energy, and happiness will make this a good and heartwarming period despite the cold. Afterwards, the sun will move back into the neighboring sign of Pisces, and the energies around you will calm somewhat. Mercury will also be providing a boost of energy through February 18th. The time is right for business projects, and communication will flow easily. Venus will also be staying in your sign through 3/10. This is a time for focusing on art, pleasure, love, tenderness, friendship, and lots of other great things.

Calmer months to come

Mercury will be in retrograde in March 2018, and Aquarians should be somewhat more careful when it comes to communication in their jobs, including in sales discussions and when signing contracts. Venus will be somewhat more restrained than before, but will return to promoting interpersonal relationships and boosting your aesthetic senses after 3/6.

Aquarians will enjoy the gentle spring air starting in April 2018. Mercury’s retrograde period will end on 4/15; we’d recommend concentrating heavily on your work until that time. Affairs of the heart won’t be quite as smooth, as you’ll lack some sensitivity with Venus in a square position. However, this period will be over on April 24th, followed by a happy, harmonious, and spring-like period of love.

Venus’s trigon position

During May 2018, a delightful month under any circumstances, Aquarians will be enjoying a favorable Venus trigon as well. Love, art, and everything good and beautiful will be in focus now. Mars will strengthen your will, and Jupiter could help you achieve great results. This could be the moment you’ll see the positive change you’ve been waiting for!

What does the summer look like?

Aquarians will be getting lots of support from Mercury in June 2018.This is an ideal time to write a letter to that crush and tell them how you really feel, or to take a short trip. Confessing your love might be just the ticket - Venus will be entering Leo after June 13th, and will be in a less advantageous opposition position. A short but sweet letter might help you cut off this upcoming negative period before it starts. Mars will also be sending you lots of energy. It will be in your sign throughout the whole month, and if Aquarians don’t watch out they might find themselves acting in haste.

Unfortunately, Mercury won’t be making July 2018 easy for Aquarians. Things will probably seem to move slower than you want in terms of your career. Venus will be moving out of its opposition position on 7/10, however it will remain critical and less caring than usual. Luckily, Mars will be helping strengthen your will so you can get through this month and make the best of things!

Venus will fall back into place in August 2018, finally bringing lasting harmony and peace to your love life. This would be a great time to enjoy being with your family, without disputes breaking out or criticisms being aired. Things will remain difficult in your career, and you might experience communication problems now and then.

Fiery love and poser

Luckily, this great period for love will continue in September 2018. However, things will probably seem everything but calm, and Aquarians might see things get downright passionate. Emotions might boil over; that’s why it’s important to keep your feelings in balance now of all times. The vitalizing energy of the sun, and Mercury’s positive influence, will be added to the mix at the end of the month. There’s nothing to stop you finishing out your month with a bang.

Special times, and an old flame

yearly horosocpe 2018 Aquarius| Photo: © loreanto -

Venus will be in retrograde in October 2018, starting on 10/5. The unique thing about this period is that you might meet an old flame, maybe even one from a past life!

Aquarians will also have a huge amount of energy to turn their projects into a reality. The sun will also be blessing them with great vitality, energy, and happiness through October 24th. Sounds like a great mix to us! 

There’s also great news from Jupiter, the lucky planet, at the end of the year. It will be leaving its square position to Scorpio on November 8th 2018, forming a favorable sextile for Aquarians in Sagittarius. It has helped Aquarians from this square position before, however it’s important to find a good balance and not overdo things. Jupiter will continue to pour out its blessings over Aquarians without reservation through 12/2/2018. And that means financial success, pursuing high intellectual ideals, and an increased interest in legal, medical, and pedagogical areas. Venus will also be in a good mood during this magical month, and harmonious times are on the agenda.

The sun will continue to shine on Aquarians in December 2018 as well. With self-confidence, high-performance, and a positive attitude, the sun will make it easy to be thankful as the year draws to a close. It will be gracing Aquarians with its energy through December 21st. And with Christmas coming up, Jupiter’s sure to have a gift or two as well. Only Venus will be ill-tempered. However, the beauty of the Christmas season is sure to help you through this tough phase.

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