Monthly Horoscope Aries January 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Aries in January 2018?

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Aries in January 2018?

January – Lots of Love and Activity

The sun will form a square with Aries at the beginning of the new year, which could lead to certain challenges. People might work against you during this time, which can be highly disappointing. But these are the kinds of situations that should remind us: the tough times are there to help us grow, so we can get through the difficult things in life. Starting on January 21st, things will change for the better, since the sun will enter a sextile with Aries. That means this is a very good time to complete projects. You should use this chance and take an active role in approaching other people; they’ll support you. So be active and stand up, that’s your motto. You might not reap the rewards for all your work for a while, but they’re going to taste great. This positive sun period will last through February 18th.

A Good Start for Your Career

Mercury will be in a very positive position through January 11th. All of your professional endeavors will go well during this time. Your mind will be sharp, all your intellectual work will be favored. Use this opportunity, since as we all know nothing happens by itself. From January 12th through the end of the month, Mercury will be forming a square. That doesn’t necessarily mean difficulties will follow, however, and intellectual activities will even be favored. Of course, you might get into a dispute, but you should make sure not to have an extreme reaction. Instead, stay relaxed. Your thinking abilities will also be tested - especially your logical thinking skills. Sometimes you have to be logical; where would we humans be without logic, after all?

Learning to Enjoy Life

Venus will be in Capricorn through January 18th, forming a square. Normally, this indicates a positive period without any difficulties. This is typically a good time for love, and a favorable time for interacting with other people.

Great love time

After so much work, this sounds like a good time to enjoy life a little bit. Venus will be in Aquarius from January 19th through March 10th, which is a good sign for any group activities. Now will be a good time to get help from your friends, and you might even get financial support as well. You could also gain new friends if you work at it - all you have to do is stay active.

Power and Realignment

Mars will be in Scorpio through January 26th, placing it in a quincunx position and indicating a period of realignment. If you need it, Mars will also be giving you the energy you need to get through the realignment phase. Mars will then be in Sagittarius from January 27th through March 17th, forming a trine. This is a very favorable aspect with positive effects. Aries will feel full of energy, simply beaming with power, and their zest for work will know no bounds. Of course, this is also a great time for athletic activities and for your love life as well. After all, as we all know nothing happens in life without energy from Mars - not even in your love life.

Jupiter Promotes Change

Jupiter will be in Scorpio through November 8th, creating a quincunx aspect that generally signifies another realignment. You’ll probably know whether this applies to you or not. If it does, then this is the time to get active in this area of your life. And since you have almost a whole year to do that, you could definitely have some success in restarting certain areas of your life.

Saturn Delivers a Critical Test

Accept your obligations

This year, all your challenges will be coming from Saturn. It will be in Capricorn throughout the year and forming a square to Aries, so Aries should expect some critical developments. You might have difficulties with your employer or other supervisors, or even with your parents. Saturn generally slows things down and acts as a restrictive force. It may also impact Aries’ vitality and health. Projects begun long ago will now be subject to a critical eye. Things that went smoothly in the past might suddenly fall apart. If they do, you should use your energies for other, more productive projects. Your focus for now should be on developing patience. Of course, this can be a difficult thing for agile Aries. However, learning patience should be your key focus during this time. Learning patience also means learning to accept your obligations, which will be especially important now.              


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