Monthly horoscope Cancer November 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Cancer in November 2018?

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Cancer in November 2018?

November – Venus Is Ill-Tempered

The sun will retain its advantageous position through November 21st as it remains in Scorpio and has a highly positive effect on Cancers through its trine aspect. On the 22nd it will leave Scorpio and move into the sign Sagittarius to form a quincunx aspect. This will encourage Cancers to consider whether everything is going as it should or whether it might be time for them to make some changes in different areas of their lives.

Mercury will also be in Sagittarius and will be in retrograde on November 17th, so you should use caution in your career and your communications. Otherwise, you could be deceived. Mercury, the god of merchants, might turn into the god of thieves. You’ll have to work carefully to ensure you don’t make any mistakes; use extra caution, especially when entering into negotiations and contracts.

Misunderstandings and Disharmony

Venus will continue to form a square throughout the entire month. If you focus on affairs of the heart, you might find yourself disappointed. Misunderstandings might occur within your family, causing minor disruptions. Some people might tend to overcompensate for these fairly negative circumstances, which could result in wastefulness or extravagance. You might find yourself overeating. Of course there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself - and you might also find you have excessive erotic urges you aren’t able to satisfy. When Venus is in a bad mood, she really knows how to make life difficult. All you can do is bide your time and endure the goddess of love and her bad mood. Thankfully, it will all be over on December 2nd.

Mars will retain its position in Aquarius through December 15th and will continue to urge Cancers to think about the potential for new beginnings.

This would be a good time to consider whether you’re using your energy well, or wasting it. Mars will then move into the sign Pisces, where it will be very comfortable and will form a trine. Cancers will definitely feel this positive position in the form of plenty of energy. Work will seem much easier than usual during this time, and you’ll get the urge to start something new.

Jupiter Moves Into Sagittarius

Jupiter will be leaving its position in Scorpio on November 8th and moving into Sagittarius. This will change how it affects your life. The planet will be shifting the many challenges and benefits it provided to Cancers for so many months to other signs instead. Cancers simply need to accept the quincunx aspect - the aspect Jupiter will be in during this time - which indicates a period of reorientation. This will be a very good time to focus on education - perhaps to take some continuing education classes after work, for instance, and become a specialist in your field. Jupiter is certain to repay you for your troubles later on, as the planet prizes idealism and serves as its most enthusiastic representative. The thing to do now is to be as much like Jupiter as you can.

Saturn will remain in opposition to Cancer, which means you can expect delays and obstacles in every area of your life. Things might move at a snail’s pace at work, for instance. You might start to feel impatient, or like you’re making (almost) no progress at all. Your focus during this time will be on learning patience and on being satisfied with the few things you are able to get done. After all, that’s what Saturn symbolizes. The planet has learned to make do with the little that’s available during this coldest of seasons.


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