Yearly horoscope Gemini 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Gemini in 2018?

2018: Take time for education

New year, new challenges! According to our 2018 horoscope, education might just be the most important topic of the year for Geminis. Jupiter will be in Scorpio from early November onward, providing ideal astrological conditions for personal or professional continued development. Maybe there’s an exciting course you’ve been eyeing for a while? The new year invites Geminis to finally turn their plans into reality.

Gemini 2018

The stars will also be encouraging communicative Geminis to pay special attention to themselves and their own needs in 2018. Otherwise, they run the risk of listening to bad advice and overdoing it, endangering their health.

A quick look at the stars in January 2018 makes the year’s main theme clear: The sun will be in Capricorn, fostering a desire to refocus. That means this month is the perfect time to register for an interesting new training course.

First favorable period

The first favorable period for love is right at the start of the year in this year’s horoscope. Venus will be in Aquarius from January 18th through February 9th, and will be delivering harmony to Geminis in all of their interpersonal relationships. This is a great time to cuddle up with the one you love.

Unfortunately, this period will generally be over by February 10th 2018, after which Mars will be coming in with a more combative tone as Venus withdraws.

Is a new partner in your future?

The conditions for love look better in March 2018. Aware Geminis will be spreading their (almost) irresistible charms, which makes this a great time to find a potential new partner if you’re single. The sun might put a damper on things through March 19th, so you might see some unexpected obstacles on your path. Luckily, this phase will be over by March 20th, although it will affect your professional success as well. By the end of March, the stars point to professional success, and Geminis can expect to see some positive outcomes.

According to our 2018 horoscope, things will start looking up again for Geminis in April 2018. The sun will bring harmony and vitality with it, while Mercury contributes success in your job, and Venus - already well positioned - will be in your sign starting on April 24th. It will be treating all Geminis to a healthy helping of positive energy.

The best months of 2018: May, June, and July

The magical month of May 2018 will definitely be the best month of early 2018. Venus will be in your sign throughout the entire month and could lead to some truly romantic moments. The stars also look good for job and career.

The positive trend will continue in June 2018, the Gemini birth month. The stars will be promoting an exciting time for love, and Geminis will have their best opportunity to be successful in any intellectual endeavor during this time.

The Gemini wave of success will ebb somewhat in July 2018, although this might feel like a relief as well. Mercury will be supporting any business projects throughout the entire month, but the sun will be providing less support.

The Gemini horoscope shows a good phase in your professional life in August 2018 for Geminis. If you were having trouble making a decision about a career change or continued education, August 2018 might just be your chance. In September 2018, Mercury will be making Geminis feel nervous and distracted. The sun will also be in a less favorable position, and might bring some difficulties as well. This is not a good time to start something new.

Things will get even tougher at the end of the year

The stars do look better for Geminis once again in October 2018. This would be a good time to take on new projects, as Geminis will have plenty of energy and drive on hand. In addition, things won’t be looking so good on the love front, so they can concentrate fully on their own ideas.

Ray of hope: Venus in Libra

Prospects for love will be changing again, however, in November 2018. Although November is usually a gloomy month, it will be a great time for cuddling up with your partner or enjoying a get-together with friends and family.

The end of the year 2018 is likely to be mediocre for Geminis. The year’s focus on education and training will be coming to the forefront once again, and the sun will be encouraging us to refocus. Mars will be delivering an extra boost of energy, an ideal gift to get you through the Christmas season. However, it’s also important to keep calm during this time and taking a vacation during the holidays, or a little before would be ideal.

What are the stars telling about your life?

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