Yearly horoscope Libra 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Libra in 2018?

Libras should save up the sun’s beneficial energies for tough times.

Libras will experience a great time for love in 2018, the year of Venus. They can also expect a great year for their careers, if they learn to use their energies wisely. However, Libras will be battling somewhat difficult conditions all year, as Jupiter will be in Scorpio through the beginning of November, meaning they’ll be receiving little support from the lucky planer. In addition, Saturn will be forming a square to the sun sign for the entire year. Libras will face a lot of challenges during this time, and it’s important for them to keep balance in their lives. Thankfully, the other planets will also have a lot to contribute. A period of four months from August to November will be the high point of the year for love.

Libra 2018

Jumping into the new year

Libras will see a successful start to the new year in terms of career, as Mercury will still be in Sagittarius in January 2018, creating ideal circumstances for communication and good business. However, the planet will be in a good position for businesspeople as early as 1/11. From there on things will calm down in terms of career. When it comes to your love life, you’ll see more conflict through January 18th than normal, but after that things will be looking up again.

In February 2018, the sun will be bringing positive opportunities in almost every area of your life. However, Libras should probably be more thoughtful than usual towards the end of the month.Maybe you need to make a change in your love life or career?

Threefold opposition

Two somewhat tough months will follow for Libras: The planets won’t be making things easy for Libras in  March 2018. The sun, Mercury, and Venus will each be in opposition to your sign in turn over the course of the month. This might lead to misunderstandings when it comes to love, and differences of opinion in terms of communication. All Libras can do is confront these challenges. Things will stay difficult in April 2018 as well. The sun will remain in an opposition position, and might create obstacles in every area of your life. Mercury will continue to portend misunderstandings as well.

Attraction and a high point for love

All you need to do is make it through this tough time. In  May 2018, Venus will be sending a well-deserved high point for your love life. The sun will alert Libras to any changes they need to make in their lives, and Mars will be reacting with a favorable trigon position starting on 5/16. Energies will be changing in terms of your career bit by bit, and your attractiveness to the opposite sex will also improve. Mars will continue to have a positive influence over Libras in June 2018 as well. The overall mood will change, and Libras will be more open to adventure and risk.

July might bring career changes

Your motto for July 2018 is: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained!” Mars will continue to provide a boost of energy, and if you take a chance and apply this energy to your job, you can achieve great things. However, the sun will be “stuck” in its square position through 6/22. This might keep Libras from making the best use of Mars’s power. Unfortunately, Venus will be slightly withdrawn throughout the month, but when it does make an appearance, it will have a positive influence. You’ll have to wait a little longer for your best time for love.

High points in love - the best time to marry

Before you know it, it’ll be here - the best month for love of the whole year~ Venus will enter Libra in August 2018, which means this will be a great time for love. It’s also a great time to focus on friendships and family life. A new love might finally cross your path, or you might find it’s the perfect time to get married.

Professional success

Venus in Scorpio will continue to create an especially passionate period in September 2018. Conditions will also look great in terms of your career. The last week of September will be especially interesting. The sun will be in Libra starting in that week, and anyone who starts a new project under its auspices is sure to have success!

The energies of the planets will be creating fireworks, and they’ll still be ongoing in October 2018. The sun will remain in its peak position through 10/23, and Mercury will also have a positive effect on Libras’ careers. Venus will be in retrograde, which might indicate Libras can expect to see a loved one from the past cross their paths again. Keep your eyes open!

Jupiter brings new opportunities!

Libras are lucky in November 2018, as Venus will be visiting their sign too. That means the good streak in your love life will continue! You still have a good chance to find your ideal life partner during this time. In addition, Mercury will be supporting your professional endeavors, and Libras will find themselves able to move mountains in November with the added positive energy from the sun. But the best thing is that Jupiter will be moving into Sagittarius in the beginning of the month. This favorable sextile will bring lucky coincidences with it. If you set off on a new path during this time, especially in terms of your education, you’ll be making changes under a favorable star.   

You’ll continue to see a positive boost of energy from Jupiter in December 2018. It will be supporting Libras for many months. You should expect some small (or even big) surprises, just in time for the holiday season. However, Libras should pay special attention to their emotions towards the end of the year. Venus will be in Scorpio, awakening strong passions. Although Libras are usually sober, even they might be feeling a little hot-headed.

What are the stars telling about your life?

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