Yearly horoscope Sagitarrius 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Sagittarius in 2018?


A calm 2018 for Sagittarius? At least, that’s what the planetary constellations would indicate. Saturn, the planet of testing and stabilization, will be in a positive semisextile throughout the entire year, which will mean it has a very weak influence on Sagittarius, providing neither major disruptions nor major stabilization. It’s unlikely that you’ll see major projects or relationships truly fail this year - you might find they need to be built on a stronger foundation, or you might find out how strong their foundations truly are.

Sagittarius 2018

Just like Saturn, Jupiter will be behaving calmly throughout almost the entire year, through November 8th. It will also be in a semisextile, delivering little support to Sagittarius in 2018, unfortunately.

You shouldn’t expect to see either major highs or severe lows. Of course, this could be a positive development - everyday life can be challenging enough, and none of us wants to go through too much stress. In any case, things won’t be boring - the sun, Mars, Mercury, and Venus will ensure that.

All signs are good for a positive period in love and family life right at the start of the year, January 2018. Venus will be forming a sextile to your own sign and promoting vitality and desire. Mars and the sun will be working in tandem to deliver vitality and power towards the end of the month.

Get a jump start on your career

February 2018 is the time to continue full steam ahead. The sun and Mars will continue to provide health and energy. Make sure to use this support in your career, especially, since Mercury will be forming a square with your sign starting on February 18th, which means communicative difficulties. In addition, the sun will also take a square position on the same day, delivering new challenges.

Sagittarians can look forward to the second half of March. Venus and Mercury will be giving up their square positions. You will see your confidence return, and Sagittarians will feel strong when it comes to their jobs as Venus promotes love and has a positive effect on their finances.

Tougher times for love

You might see minor or even major disputes with your loved ones in April 2018. Venus will be exposing problems and encouraging Sagittarians to deal with them. Depending on the status of your relationship, these tough times will continue through May 2018. In addition, Venus will be making you feel moody and imbalanced; even the best families and relationships might start fighting more quickly than before. You’ll probably also face some hurdles in your career. Mercury will be in opposition to Sagittarius, and you might need to make some changes. Sagittarians will be able to breathe again at the end of the month, however. Things will be much more relaxed in their love lives, especially, in June 2018. This month is an ideal time to spend good times with friends and family. Things will also be getting better professionally starting in the middle of the month.

Looking for new love in late summer?

July 2018 might finally be another very good professional period for Sagittarians. Mercury will be promoting intellectual work and encouraging communication. Now is also a good time to make some changes or conclude contracts; Mercury will be in retrograde from the end of the month through August, and you might experience misunderstandings and mistakes during this time. However, we should also mention that the sun will be in a great position in August. It will be delivering vital energy and confidence to Sagittarians. With its beneficial influence, this also looks like a good time to get to know new people (perhaps a new love?).

A passionate time for love awaits Sagittarians in September 2018. Venus will be in Scorpio during this time, and will work with Mars to awaken your playful side.

Jupiter brings new opportunities

October 2018 will continue to be a lucky month. Venus will be in retrograde starting on 10/5, and Sagittarians might meet someone special from their past during this time. Overall, it will be a great month for Sagittarius. Jupiter will finally be leaving its marginal position in November 2018, and will form a lucky sextile to your sign for almost a year. It will be giving Sagittarians some good opportunities during this time, and they should definitely take advantage of these. In addition, it will be giving Sagittarians plenty of optimism, and everything will seem easier!

A great end to the year

December 2018, the last month of the year, will continue on this positive note from Jupiter. It’s really going to be a great one! The sun will be in your sign, sending confidence and energy; Mercury will also be in Sagittarius, promoting work projects, and Venus will make this a great month for love! That means Sagittarians are likely to see the best end to 2018!

What are the stars telling about your life?

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