Taurus yearly horoscope 2018

What do the stars say about love, career, and health for Taurus in 2018?

Taurus 2018

Balancing your energies

Strong energies will be encouraging Taurans to look for the right inner balance in their lives. Saturn will be especially important in 2018 and will be forming a positive trigon with Aries’ star throughout the entire year.That means Aries won’t be bothered by old burdens like past errors, lingering problems, or similar issues this year. Saturn will have a stabilizing influence on all your professional and personal projects. Work will likely run smoothly under this astrological influence.Whoever works hard will be able to reap the fruits of their labor in 2018.

One bonus is that Jupiter, the lucky planet, will be supporting those born under the sign of Taurus with a wonderful boost of energy through November 8th. It will be in Capricorn throughout the entire year, in opposition to its sign. If you’re wondering what goals you should work towards during this time, Jupiter’s energy will play a role in your decision. Even if these energies are inspiring, you should try to keep your feet on the ground - even when your wings are spread. Taurans will be getting lots of support during this exciting time of self-realization from friends and family. These are just the sort of people who can keep Taurans’ feet on the ground, and help them not to overestimate their abilities.


Promotion of personal initiative

January 2018 will be a pleasant start to the new year for Taurus. The sun will bring satisfaction, recognition, and success! Through January 18th, all signs point towards new love. After that, you’ll need to provide a little support of your own. But things will be changing again in February 2018. Starting on 2/11, Venus will bring harmony to your interpersonal relationships. Otherwise, however, the month will be a little more stressful for anyone born under the sign of Taurus. The sun will bring resistance, and if you want to get ahead in your career, you’ll have a tough road ahead of you. On top of this, Taurans tend towards egoism.

The key to success in March 2018 remains personal initiative. The sun will provide some good opportunities, but Mercury and Venus will only give a small amount of support. However, Mars will be by your side starting on 3/18, sending lots of power.

High points

Taurans will see their first high point of the year in April 2018. The stars will be creating excellent conditions for new projects and new success. Taurans were born after April 19th, and the sun will be sending along lots of energy and vitality for anything they have in mind. In addition, Mercury will be giving lots of aid in the communication area. This will be a great time for successful business meetings. Watch out for Mercury in retrograde, however, starting on 4/21. The stars indicate this is not a favorable time to sign any contracts. However, when it comes to love and family the whole month does look harmonious. Venus will be delivering harmony, understanding, and vitality.

May 2018 will continue the wonderful trends begun in April. The sun will continue to send its vital energy, and Mercury will be in a highly positive position starting in the middle of the month, promoting communication and clearing up misunderstandings.

Powerful energies over the summer

Powerful energies await Taurus in June 2018. Taurans might feel an overwhelming yearning for love, as Venus will be in Leo after 6/14, making things highly turbulent. You might find an outlet in retail therapy or a big slice of cake, just find a way to get a handle on these strong energies. Single Taurans will probably be spending more time looking for someone to flirt with. However, starting in July 2018 Taurans are likely to enjoy more success in building contacts with others. Venus will be in a much more relaxed position through the beginning of August, and Taurans will be feeling especially attractive and charming. Ideally, this would be a great time to take your big annual vacation. The time is right for rest and relaxation.

In August 2018, you can expect to see your career take another upswing. Mercury will be forming a square to the sun signs, improving your intellect, and Mars will have you feeling ready to work and give you the courage to take a risk.

In September 2018, the sign Taurus will once again be experiencing another exciting tempest of feelings. Venus in Scorpio will bring strong passions and sexual tension. Mars will also be strong during this time, bringing with it plenty of energy that can be turned into pleasure or recklessness. The motto of the year is to find the right balance, so everything doesn’t end up in chaos.

Taurans - looking for a new start?

Horoscope 2018 Taurus | Photo: © bernardbodo - Fotolia.com

In October 2018, Taurans should act and react in a cautious manner. The sun will be in a quincunx constellation, illuminating areas of your life where you might need a new start. After 10/23, it will be moving into Scorpio, bringing another high point in terms of vitality and energy. Anyone who attacks a problem at full force during this time is likely to be met by strong counter-forces. The only way to achieve your goals is to proceed calmly and carefully. In addition, Taurans should pay more attention to their health this month, and make sure they don’t overdo it.

Jupiter will be providing support at the end of the year

Jupiter, the lucky planet, will be in the sign Sagittarius starting in early November 2018 (11/8). The stars will be supporting new beginnings right from the start, which will be under a very positive constellation. If you start a course, training, or educational program during this time, Jupiter will give you the energy you need to push through.

Another year’s almost over. December 2018 promises good professional communication since Mercury will be in direct motion starting on December 7th. Mars in Pisces will bring a willingness to confront risk and a thirst for adventure. The signs are good for professional success and an intense New Year’s.

We wish all Taurans a great 2018!


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