Anual horoscope Capricorn | photo: ©

Annual Horoscope Capricorn

What are the stars for Capricorn in the lunar year 2020?
Anual horoscope Capricorn | photo: ©

Annual Horoscope Capricorn

What are the stars for Capricorn in the lunar year 2020?

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Annual Horoscope Capricorn


Jupiter's luck and success

Lucky planet Jupiter will stand in the Zodiac sign Capricorn and will stand there until December, 19th, 2020. This situation will give the Capricorn-born the aspect of precious conjunction, which occurs only every 12 years. In the weeks of transit, when Jupiter will move over the birthdays of each Capricorn born, new opportunities for personal development will occur. You will be in proper relationship to your superiors, which could promote career advancement. If you are a boss yourself, you might be pleasantly surprised by your employees. Maybe you will also get a remarkable recognition or a prize from the public. Praise and protection, as well. Any form of education will be favored, and one can now do much to enhance one's character.

And last but not least, you could now achieve considerable success in financial matters as well. Nevertheless, be warned against any exaggeration. So stay with your feet firm on the ground, as not to endanger the right results.

Saturn's trials and rewards

The rigorous master Saturn will stand in Capricorn and Aquarius during the Lunar Year 2020. When this planet enters Aquarius from Capricorn, there will be a decline, and it will return then to Capricorn. The fact is that it becomes direct again and therefore gets back to Aquarius. However, this situation always changes the aspects, either from positive to critical or, vice versa, from critical to positive. Here is the overview of the positions of Saturn:

Saturn in Capricorn:  Jan 1st 2020 – Mar 22nd 2020, Jul 2nd 2020 – Dec 17th 2020.

Saturn in Aquarius:  Mar 22nd 2020 - Jul 7th 2020, Dec 17th 2020 - Mar 7th 2023

Saturn in Capricorn also produces conjunction for Capricorn, which means that the great teacher will continue to have disabilities and delays. In contrast to Jupiter, that provides for development. Capricorns will experience both excellent opportunities, and then suddenly difficulties again. It is, therefore, necessary to preserve your optimism, because, after the rain, the Sun will shine again. Saturn in Aquarius will give way to the aspect of a ⚺extile. The conjunction has already dissolved, but a neighbor sign is always very alien to its nature. Now you should learn to adapt to situations that are not familiar to you. And Aquarius has a lot to do with sudden changes and struggles for freedom. So a flexible reaction is now required to Capricorns.

Annual horoscope capricorn | photo: ©

Mars will provide Inventiveness, energy, and passion for work.

At the beginning of the year and until February, 16th, the Planet of Energy will now stand in Sagittarius. This fact will give way to a ⚺extile to the Sun of Capricorn. So the situation will demand much dedication and willpower. But if it happens, you will enjoy outstanding results.

From February, 16th to March, 30th, Mars will be moving through the Capricorn, forming conjunction. So much energy and willpower will now be available. This Mars conjunction can become the basis of many constructive achievements, as these forces also bring great courage and leadership.

Mars will stand in Aquarius from March, 30th to May, 13th, resulting again in a ⚺extile. So you will have to work hard to get good results.

From May, 13th to June, 28th, Mars will stand in Pisces. This situation will result in a favorable ⚹extile meaning that Martian energy and willpower can now transform into constructive action and work.

From June, 28th to the end of the year, Mars will stand in Aries, resulting in a square position. Although Scorpio born people still have plenty of power at their disposal, you must be careful not to leave all this energy uncontrolled. Otherwise, it might burst into aggression.

Mercury's communication gifts for profession, money, and leisure

The best times for Mercury will occur from 1st to January 16th (Mercury in Capricorn), and this year is relatively short and should, therefore, be used intensively. There will be better communication times from April,27th to May 11th (Trigon), and the second favorable trine will be displayed from August, 20th to September 5th. During all favorable trigon times, so much can succeed. For example, if you wish to change your job, you should use this time. ⚹extile benefits of Mercury are available from March, 16th to April, 11th and from August, 20th to September, 5th. Who will take advantage of the favorable influx of Mercury, will probably be very satisfied with business, negotiations, and intellectual work.

Mercury will decline three times a year, and according to experience, the god of merchants will become the god of thieves. So special care must be taken now in negotiations, contracts, and business to avoid mistakes. 

The period that could be critical: February, March 17th, 10th and June 18th July 12th and October 14th November, 3rd

Venus will donate love, beauty, and artistic interests.

The most intense times of love will only be displayed again in January 2021 (Venus in Capricorn), which can then be lived optimally yet. But you will enjoy many other very good times for love this year.

The Venus times with trigon benefits are available from March, 5th to April, 3rd and from October, 2nd to 28th, indicating romantic, artistic, creative and happy weeks.

⚹extile benefits of Venus will be available from January, 13th to February 7th and from November 21st to December 15th. So have fun and enjoyable times with the excellent and bewitching Venus, which always promotes popularity!

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