Annual Horoscope 2023

Aries Are Among the Lucky Stars in 2023

Changes Through Pluto and Surprises Through Uranus for the Zodiac Sign Aries
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In 2023, Aries could benefit from many lucky moments as Jupiter is in their sign for five months. However, changes due to Pluto could still have far-reaching effects. Saturn will provide stability during the first months of the year in Aquarius but require more self-discipline in Pisces. Uranus could provide surprises and turn Aries' lives upside down, while Neptune encourages them to deepen their spiritual lives.

Saturn Provides Stability


Saturn is the planet of the limiting and restrictive principle, which is why we need to exercise a lot of self-discipline and self-control to overcome problems. With favorable aspects, however, it also ensures stable conditions and good life security in the long term.

And this is the case for Aries in the first phase from 1 January - 7 March when Saturn is in Aquarius. From 7 march - 31 December, it is then in Pisces. Now more self-discipline will be necessary.

Saturn in Aquarius Promotes Social Commitment.

Saturn forms a favorable aspect for Aries from 1 January to 7 March. This brings about perseverance and a sense of reality , which is why you can assert your position with self-confidence and, perhaps, also build up material reserves with these qualities.

In addition, Saturn is in the 11th solar house of Aries at this time, the house of friendship, groups, ethics , and social commitment , which means that one should pay more attention to these areas. The reward for this commitment will come, if not immediately, later.

Annual Horoscope Zodiac Sign Aries 2023
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Saturn in Pisces: More Self-Discipline is Needed

Kurt Franz

About the author
Kurt Franz, born in 1949, has been searching for the meaning of life for a long time. Astrology offers an ideal and fascinating introduction to this subject. Kurt has the Sun in Pisces, the Ascendant in Taurus, the Moon in Virgo, and Jupiter in the 10th house near the MC.

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From 7 March until the end of the yearSaturn is in Pisces . Here it forms a neutral angle with which one can be satisfied. Good opportunities may arise, but perhaps certain difficulties must be overcome .

Moreover, Saturn is then in the 12th solar house of Aries , and this is the house of Neptune, the house of retreat , prayer, meditation, sacrifice,  and introspection, which is now urged upon the Aries. Rest and reflection are also necessary for the energetic and overactive Aries to balance body, soul, and spirit. And the sooner this is learned, the more lasting the effect will be on health stability.

Uranus is Known for Surprises

Uranus is the planet of individuality, suddenness , revolution, independence, and progress. It always makes itself felt unexpectedly, either in a pleasant sensation or not at all according to our expectations.


Uranus in Taurus: Pay Attention to Your Talents

Uranus continues to be in the sign of Taurus  throughout 2023 . As Venus rules Taurus, relationships and finances may also be affected . And because there is, therefore, the angle or aspect of a ⚺extile to the Sun of Aries, which is also classified as a learning factor , pleasing and in-between less desirable events could take place in these areas, which will then want to be enjoyed or else mastered.

In addition, Uranus is in the 2nd solar house of Aries , which is why there is now a reference to the financial area and personal talents , to which special attention should now be paid.


Neptune Warns Us Not to be Deceived

Neptune is the planet of charity , divine love, intuition, and sensitivity. On a low level, however, it is also the planet of deception, disappointment, self-deception, greed, and deceit. And it is also the father of all addictions , for addictions ultimately have to do with an escape from reality and self-deception.


Neptune in Pisces: Take it Slow

Neptune continues to be in Pisces in 2023 and therefore forms a ⚺extile to Aries , which again points to a learning factor , which means making a special effort to learn the positive qualities of Neptune. And above all, not to be deceived . And self-deception is also part of this, as already mentioned.

Moreover, Neptune is in the 12th solar house of Aries , which is the house of Neptune itself, the house of retreat , prayer, meditation, sacrifice, and reflection on oneself, which is now strongly urged upon Aries. Rest and review are also necessary for the energetic and overactive Aries  to keep body, soul, and spirit in balance. And the sooner this is learned, the more lasting the effect will be on health stability.

Pluto Draws Attention to Power Struggles

However, the planet of force majeure also offers development opportunities. It is also the planet of power, radical transformation, and passion. It can make people obstinate and stubborn, but it can also interest them in the mysterious , the mystical, the occult, and the magical.


This is the Position of Pluto in 2023

Pluto continues to be in Capricorn from 1 January - March 23 . From March 23 - 12 June in Aquarius , and then from 12 June - 31 December by its retrograde again in Capricorn . This results in a possibly difficult square, a beneficial ⚹extile, and then the square again.

Annual Horoscope Aries 2023

Aries is known for its determination and assertiveness. He is willing to take risks and try new things to achieve his goals.

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Pluto in Capricorn from 1 January -23 March and 12 June - 31 December

In the square position, one should not mess with the sphere of authority (profession, authorities), as experience shows that one would get the short end of the stick. Reasonable action and yielding are now appropriate . Overconfidence, arrogance, and intransigence are therefore not appropriate.

Pluto in Aquarius from 23 March - 12 June

At the 60-degree position, there could now be pleasing changes, which should be pursued with drive and optimism, as this will be the future.


Pluto's Retrograde

The square position follows this due to Pluto's retrograde, which is why caution and indulgence are now appropriate again.

Pluto in the 10th Solar House of Aries

In addition, during Capricorn, Pluto is in the 10th solar house of Aries , the professional house, the house of publicity, honors, and personal development, which is why attention is again drawn to the importance of this area. Rash decisions should be avoided in professional matters, but everything should be considered well and thoroughly several times.

Pluto in Aquarius

When Pluto is in Aquarius, it is in the 11th solar house of Aries , which is the house of friendship, groups, ethics, and social commitment, which means that one should give more attention to these areas during this time. The reward for this commitment will come, if not immediately, later.

Jupiter Continues to be in Aries' Favor

The great planet of luck stands for growth and expansion in all areas of life and happy circumstances that seem to come of their own accord. Which we always long for, but these wonderful Jupiter times don't always happen. When there are tense aspects with Jupiter, we should beware of cockiness, exaggeration, presumption and overconfidence. But above all, we should beware of over-optimistic and over-dimensioned decisions, because then the thing with growth could turn into the opposite, namely towards debts!

Annual Horoscope 2023 Aries

Aries tends to override and dominate others, which can strain relationships and create difficult situations for him. It is important for him to learn to use his energy and self-confidence constructively and respect others.

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Jupiter is in the Following Zodiac Signs in 2023

 1 January - 17 May in Aries , and 17 May - 31 December in Taurus .

Jupiter in Your Sign Aries

When Jupiter is in its sign Aries, it forms a conjunction with the Sun of Aries, which makes for an optimal constellation that only occurs once every 12 years. There can be good fortune and opportunities in all areas of life . There can also be good health, success, recognition, an optimistic outlook on life, much joy, offspring in families - and much more.

Jupiter in the 1st Solar House

In addition, Jupiter in Aries is in the 1st solar house, the area of the ego and the personality, which is why Jupiter particularly promotes the personal interests of Aries at this time.

Jupiter in Taurus


When Jupiter is in Taurus, a ⚺extile is formed to the Sun of Aries - a constellation of the learning factor , which means that there will be good and perhaps somewhat more difficult opportunities to be dealt with. In which areas? Since Jupiter is then in the 2nd solar house of Aries, the area of finances and one's talents are addressed, to which special emphasis should now be placed.

Dear Aries!

Good luck. We wish you success, health, and contentment for the year 2023. 

Your astrologer Kurt Franz and the team

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