A Great Summer Awaits Leo, but Saturn Demands Patience and Consideration

The Great Annual 2022 Horoscope for Leo
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Leo Horoscope 2022
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Effects of the Most Important Planets on Sun Sign Leo in 2022

Saturn: Obstacles Must Be Overcome

Saturn is the planet of karma, time, limits and restrictions. It is in some ways the opposite of Jupiter, which is committed to the expansion of all our interests. Saturn can bring us into difficult situations when there are tense aspects, which is why we then have to muster a great deal of self-discipline and self-control to overcome them. With favourable aspects, however, it also ensures stable conditions and a good life security in the long term.


Saturn is in Aquarius for the whole of 2022 , which is why the angle of opposition is formed towards the Sun of Leo, and this is a concept that we understand well, in ordinary life anyway. So one is, so to speak, fundamentally against us or of a different opinion for once. Which is why now and then a lot of patience will be necessary , for example, to manage the delays or difficulties that might arise . Leos will be asked to stop seeing everything from such an egocentric view this year and to think of others as well.

Moreover, Saturn is in the 7th house of Leo, the house of partnerships, marriage, personal relationships, and also business relationships. Contracts are also part of this. So these areas should be particularly nurtured by the Leo this year. And if this is the case, any disagreements that may arise will be sorted out.

Uranus: Difficulties in Personal Relationships

Uranus is the planet of individuality, suddenness, revolution, independence and progress. It always makes itself felt unexpectedly, either in a pleasant sense, or not at all according to our ideas. He stirs things up when he sees fit, and as far as we are concerned, we must then try to master the situations that come our way through possible changes.

Leo Horoscope 2022
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Uranus continues to be in the sign of Taurus throughout 2022. As the sign of Taurus is ruled by Venus, the areas of relationships and finances are also affected. And since for those born in Leo, there is the angle or aspect of the square to their Sun, it is possible that there may be difficulties in the areas mentioned that will have to be mastered, elegantly if possible. But through overcoming obstacles, as we know, we become more experienced and stronger.

In addition, Uranus is in the 10th solar house of Leo , which is why special attention is also drawn to this area of life this year, and this is the professional house, the house of publicity, honours and personal development, which is why attention is once again drawn to the importance of this area. Rash decisions should be avoided in professional matters , but everything should be considered well and thoroughly, several times over.

Neptune Holds Back

Neptune was the Roman god of the sea in classical mythology, and just as the tides he rules over are so unpredictable, nothing remains stable. In astrology he also stands for processes of change. Nothing is permanent on earth, everything is constantly subject to change, and this also affects our attitudes, beliefs and ways of life. But Neptune is also the planet of charity, divine love, intuition and sensitivity. On a low level, however, it is also the planet of deception, disappointment, self-deception, greed and deceit. All addictions are connected to Neptune, because they ultimately also have to do with escaping from reality and with self-deception.


Neptune continues to be in Pisces in 2022 and therefore forms the angle of quincunx to Leo, which can be considered neutral , as both positive and tense occurrences will probably balance each other out

Moreover, Neptune is in the 8th solar house of Leo , the house of sexuality, power, endings and new beginnings in some field, and above all, it is also the house of self-renewal. You need to concentrate on all of this in 2022.

Pluto: Caution is Required

Pluto was the god of the underworld in Roman mythology; he was considered mysterious and dark. He is the co-ruler of the sign Scorpio. The changes he brings about can be extraordinarily profound for us. He is the planet of higher power, might, radical transformation, and also of passion. He can make people obstinate and stubborn, but he can also interest them in the mysterious, the mystical, the occult, and the magical. Plutonian people are also intensely committed to renewal and change.

Leo 2022 Horoscope
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Pluto continues to be in Capricorn in 2022 . Like Neptune, it forms the angle of quincunx to the Sun of Leo throughout 2022, which can bring positive, as well as tense, situations. On the one hand, there are good opportunities in the area of development, but on the other hand, you have to be careful not to get into conflicts with superiors, because then you will lose out. So tact is called for, because with that you will master everything in the best possible way.

Also, Pluto is in the 6th solar house of Leo, the house of work, the workplace, livelihood, health and nutrition, so you should pay special attention to these areas as well. With Pluto in Capricorn in the 6th, make sure to visit the dentist this year and take  magnesium and calcium supplements for your bones. Also, make sure to take care of your skin. 


Jupiter, the great planet of good fortune, represents growth and expansion in all areas of life, as well as happy circumstances that seem to come naturally. We always long for these, but these wonderful Jupiter times don't always happen. When there are tense aspects with Jupiter, we should beware of cockiness, exaggeration, presumption and overconfidence. But above all, we should beware of over-optimistic and over-dimensioned decisions, because then the thing with growth could turn into the opposite - debt!


Jupiter is in the following zodiac signs in 2022:

  • From 1 January - 10 May  in Pisces
  • From 11 May - 28 October  in Aries
  • From 29 October - 20 December  in Pisces
  • And from 21 December until well into 2023  again in Aries

When Jupiter moves through Pisces , the angle of the quincunx is also formed here for the Leo, which again points to good opportunities, or perhaps also to not so easy ones that then want to be mastered. But if Jupiter is treated with reason, and one does not fall for its oversized offers, one will get along well with it and achieve pleasing results. Moreover, Jupiter is in the 8th solar house of Leo at this time, and shares space with Neptune.

Leo 2022 Horoscope
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When Jupiter is in Aries, however, a very pleasing trine is formed for the Leo, which is why the great planet of luck will now excel with its beneficial gifts. So pay attention and take advantage of the opportunities! In addition, Jupiter is in the 9th solar house of Leo during this time, the house of ideals and spiritual goals, culture, religion, philosophy, law, the striving for freedom, and distant foreign countries. These areas of life should therefore be especially cultivated this year.

Mars: Full Power Into the New Year


In classical Roman mythology, Mars is the god of war and bloodshed, to put it drastically, and as such he still often expresses himself in the world of men. His character ranges from positive boldness to brutality and aggressiveness. But he is basically - and not misguidedly - the planet of energy, power, initiative, courage, enterprise, overcoming challenges, as well as self-assertion. In the area of relationships, he is the part that then sets the active impulse, along with the feminine attraction. He is also involved in procreation and the act of birth.

The best times for Mars, with lots of energy, health and enterprise, are the following for the Leo:

  • 1 January-24 January
  • 25 May-5 July
  • 21 August-31 December

Venus: The Best Times for Love

Venus was the goddess of love for the Romans and was endowed with tender, gentle, loving, artistic, sensitive, beauty-conscious, creative and diplomatic qualities. Venus rules close partnerships, especially marriage. She is also the representative of harmony, beauty, art, luxury, possessions and finances. These positive qualities are very popular. With tense aspects and irritability, however, she can - as a balance to Mars - also develop negative character traits such as jealousy, aggressiveness, envy, laziness and insatiability.


From 2 January-28 January, Venus is retrograde. During this time the love area may be put to the test , but real genuine love will prove itself there too. Old loves (including those from our past lives) may make a reappearance now.

Leo 2022 Horoscope
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The best Venus times for love, harmony, beauty, art and finances for the Leo are:

  • 3 May-28 May
  • 24 June-18 July
  • 12 August-5 September
  • 30 September-23 October
  • 17 November-10 December

The Best and Most Difficult Mercury Times for Leo

Mercury rules all forms of communication, be it physical, mental or spiritual. It loves short journeys, as this alone means you can always experience many new things. Mercury is the only planet that combines masculine and feminine qualities. Mercury wants to learn everything worth knowing, but is considered superficial because it has no patience to go into depth, as it is so curious and loves to chase after new things.


During Mercury's retrograde, which occurs three to four times a year, special care should be taken, because during these times the communication area is often disturbed. One also needs to be very careful on the road. These times are:


  • 15 January-4 February
  • 19 May-2 June
  • 10 September-1 October
  • 29 December-17 January 2023

The best Mercury times for jobs, finances and mental work are for Leo:

  • 28 March-11 April
  • 30 April-23 May
  • 14 June-5 July
  • 20 July-4 August
  • 27 August-23 September
  • 11 October-29 October
  • 18 November-6 December


Dear Leos!


Good luck for all the greatest success in health, love, happiness and fortune for the year 2022!

During Mercury's retrograde, which occurs three to four times a year, special care should be taken, because during these times the communication area is often disturbed. One also needs to be very careful on the road. These times are:

  • 15 January-4 February
  • 19 May-2 June
  • 10 September-1 October
  • 29 December-17 January 2023

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