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Jupiter Horoscope 2023: Gemini Finds Happiness in the Community

This Is How Jupiter 2023 Stands for the Zodiac Sign Gemini
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Gemini Fortune Horoscope 2023
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Jupiter in Aries: Happiness in Interaction with Others

The largest planet, Jupiter, is in Aries from the 1st of January 2023 - the 17th of May 2023 resulting in the auspicious ⚹extile aspect  between it and the natal Sun of Gemini. In the first half of the year, this lucky planet will give good fortune and prosperity to Gemini. Geminis feel confidence and a zest for life. In all areas of life, be it personal growth, love, or career, they can look forward to good opportunities for development. It is important to become aware of these opportunities!


At the same time, Jupiter is in the 11th solar house of Gemini during this phase. This means that Geminis will find happiness above all in friendship. They feel an abundance of love and affection for close life companions and draw much strength from their time together. The first five months of 2023 are wonderful for joint activities or projects .

Also, Jupiter in the 11th house speaks to Gemini's desire to bring about (social) change . Maybe there is something that has been bothering you for a long time that you would like to change in our world. Especially with like-minded people, you can now make a difference! It is always important to have the "we" in mind . Lone fighters will not get far now.

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Jupiter in Taurus: A Time of Inner Reflection

From the 17th of May  2023 - 31st of December 2023,  Jupiter enters its second phase of the year in Taurus. The  ⚺extile aspect  between Jupiter and the natal Sun of Gemini arises. Jupiter thus withdraws somewhat, and its auspicious influence is now much less strongly felt. There may well be tense periods now. It could also be that Geminis have a lot to learn during this time! Luck doesn't just fall into their laps.


In addition, Jupiter has moved into the 12th solar house of Gemini with the zodiac sign change into Taurus. Whereas in the months before, Geminis were very focused on the "outside," now it is rather the opposite. Gemini may now feel an increased desire for inner contemplation. The experiences of the last phase have to be processed and put into one's own belief and value system. Geminis will find their balance in meditation, seclusion, and the spiritual world.

It is, therefore, a year in which Geminis mature personally and come one step closer to their true selves.

We wish Geminis a good time with Jupiter and hope that the opportunities of the great planet of luck can also be used well!

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