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Jupiter Horoscope 2023: Leo Breaks New Ground

This Is How Jupiter 2023 Stands for the Zodiac Sign Leo
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Leo fortune horoscope 2023
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Because Jupiter awakens the interest in traveling far away, the feeling of following your calling and personal development will arise. The stage is waiting for you!

Jupiter in Aries: Breaking New Ground

The 1st phase of Jupiter in Aries this year is from the 1st of January 2023 - 17th of May 2023 . It creates an aspect of the pleasing trine between Jupiter and the Leo natal Sun. And this means strong support from Jupiter, the most fortunate planet of all! In all areas of life, there can now be great opportunities through which you should consciously use. The nice thing is that many good things will happen by themselves, and you, Leo, don't have to contribute much.


At the same time, Jupiter is in the 9th solar house of Leo during this time. Here it sets higher goals and ideals in your mind.  It could be that interest in philosophy is awakened. You want to understand the world at this stage, and feel the need to learn about religions and search for your place in life. Jupiter encourages Leo to go new ways and perhaps go back to school. Some Lions are also drawn far afield to visit distant cultures or study abroad . Pursue this urge for knowledge and education . Jupiter supports you in your endeavors!

Jupiter in Taurus: Let Reason Prevail

From the 17th of May 2023 - 31st of December 2023, Jupiter is in the star sign Taurus. In this phase, Jupiter now forms a square with the Sun of Leo , which is why you should beware of pride, craving for recognition, bossiness, and recklessness during this period. If this is avoided and you make an effort to think and decide sensibly, you will certainly have Jupiter on your side.

Moreover, Jupiter is in the 10th solar house of Leo at this time. Now you, Leo, will be much concerned with the subject of success . Especially professional success will become important now. You want to expand and advance  your career . You are charismatic and will certainly succeed in getting into the position you hope for.


The danger here, however, is that you may look too much to your own advantage and act selfishly . It is important not to lose sight of your fellow human beings in all of this. Otherwise, there is only the threat of quarrels, bad moods, and resentment .

You could also be drawn to the public stage . Giving lectures or leading panel discussions, gladly also at a distance, is exactly what makes you, Leo, happy now!

We wish you, Leo, a good time with Jupiter and hope that the opportunities of the big lucky planet can also be used well!

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