Jupiter Horoscope 2022 for Capricorn: Deepen Your Relationships

New Opportunities From Social Exchanges Expected For Capricorn in 2022
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Capricorn in the Jupiter Year 2022
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For most of the year, Capricorn enjoys a favorable Jupiter position. As a result, the desire to communicate with fellow humans increases significantly.

Find out here how Jupiter relates to your zodiac sign Capricorn in the new year and when your lucky times are.


All about the special meaning of Jupiter

Jupiter Opportunities for Capricorn ♑

1st phase: From 1 January 2022 – 10 May 2022, Jupiter stays in Pisces

Alas! A wonderful ⚹extile between Jupiter and your Natal Capricorn Sun has begun. Great opportunities are all around you, and taking advantage of them will focus this time. Don't be shy, go for what you want!

Jupiter then finds itself in the 3rd house (Gemini's house), which is why one should now devote special attention to the following areas of life: Communication, siblings, neighbors, knowledge, language, versatility, short trips, trends and buying fashion, as well as purchasing a new car or servicing the one you already have.

2nd phase: From 11 May 2022 – 28 October 2022, Jupiter stays in Aries

Here, a challenging Square is created between Jupiter and your Natal Capricorn Sun. You are naturally in charge, but you may now lead with aggression and bossiness, becoming exceptionally controlling. However, if you channel this energy towards your brilliant organizational skills and phenomenal ambitious drive, you'll notice just how much will be achieved if you continue! It may be hard to fall and get back up again, but it's a virtue you carry with honor.

At the same time, Jupiter stays in the 4th solar house (Cancer's house), so focus on nurturing those around which will feel natural to do, get in touch with your mother or motherly instincts, devote time to improving your cooking skills, and take time for yourself- working from home could be advantageous.

3rd phase: From 29 October 2022 – 20 December 2022, Jupiter returns to Pisces

Aspect and solar house again by repeating similar patterns experienced as in 1st phase.

4th phase: From 21 December 2022 – 16 May 2023, Jupiter returns to Aries

Aspect and solar house again by repeating similar patterns experienced as in 2nd phase.



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