Annual Horoscope Libra: Things are getting better, and Jupiter is doing very well!

What are the stars for Libra in the Saturn year 2021?
Annual Horoscope Libra 2021
Annual Horoscope Libra 2021

Saturn has left its square position in Capricorn and now forms a beneficial trine to the Sun of Libra in Aquarius. That is excellent news. And the stabilization of the situation is ensured. As far as love relationships are concerned, Saturn does not want superficial relationships, only long-term ones. We will perceive it. And those who already live in a long-term relationship will now experience good times as a reward for the long period of perseverance that required patience and forgiveness.

Pluto rewards diplomatic action


Pluto, the planet of power and mass action, continues to form a square to the Sun of Libra, so risky activities should be avoided. Even with authorities or with the law, we should not mess about but rather allow diplomacy and correctness to prevail. From a health perspective, one should now live incredibly sensibly. Any physical exertion weakens and must be prevented. If you want to get away with roughness and recklessness now, you will achieve the opposite result. To give in is the best solution now.

Uranus, the planet of changes and reforms for the future, is in the Zodiac sign Taurus and forms the quincunx's neutral position to Libra, so lively and tense situations are roughly balanced. But if, for example, new opportunities arise in the professional field, we should carefully ponder the matter, because what may not seem necessary today may be useful tomorrow.

Yearly horoscope Libra 2021

Neptune inspires

Neptune gives inspiration

Neptune, the planet of higher love and inspiration, stands in Pisces, where it is at home and feels good. Neptune donates here a higher knowledge of the processes, brings prophecy, the gift of vision, up to divine enlightenment. And Libra people, whose Planet is Venus and thus also determines their life, are invited to take care of spiritual things, that is, religion, philosophy, and anthroposophy. Neptune will be worth it.


Jupiter helps with important decisions

The great planet of happiness Jupiter will be in Aquarius in 2021 (from mid-December 2020 to mid-May 2021 and from early August 2021 to late December 2021) and in the short term also in Pisces (from mid-May 2021 to late July 2021).

In Aquarius, Jupiter forms a beneficial trine to Libra, so many good opportunities will now come from the great planet of happiness in 2021, which encompasses all areas of life. In general, one can say that Jupiter will bring about happy turns of fortune, in private life, in professional life, in financial matters, in important decisions.

If Jupiter is in Pisces for a short time, it has a little less influence, but it will still be perceived.

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