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Libra Horoscope for Tuesday, January 31 2023 | Photo: ©

As your workload increases, you accomplish tasks with ease and are recognized for your competence. As a direct result you find increasing numbers of colleagues approach you and request your help, wanting to share in your sense of purpose in bringing projects to successful conclusion..

Libra Monthly Horoscope January 2023 | Photo: © Simone Wunderlich -

In love, things could go optimally for Libra this month. You are supported 100 percent by the love planet Venus


Libra weekly horoscope for the 5th week (30.01.23 - 05.02.23) | Photo: © Libra weekly horoscope for the 5th week (30.01.23 - 05.02.23)
Week 5

Make use of your inner drive and ensure your physical well-being with exercise. You should also try to develop your co-ordination skills and your flexibility.

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    Libra Is Charming, Gracious and Extremely Fun-Loving
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