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All horoscopes for the sign Taurus
Taurus Horoscope for Thursday, July 7 2022 | Photo: © iStock.com/Brzozowska

Working as a team you progress and are able to achieve unexpected results. Be sure to take advantage of this promising setup..

Taurus Horoscope for Friday, July 8 2022 | Photo: © iStock.com/skynesher

Take the initiative and organise a barbecue or picnic. Your friends will look forward to meeting up again to have a good chat and will show their gratitude to you.

Taurus weekly horoscope for the 24th week (13.06.22 - 19.06.22) | Photo: © ©lizavetta - stock.adobe.com - stock.adobe.com
Week 24

You're able to stick to your view point and effortlessly convince your colleagues and your superiors about your preferred way of working. Currently any team you're responsible for turns out to be very successful because there is no competitive atmosphere to disrupt the implementation of your winning strategy..

Taurus weekly horoscope for the 25th week (20.06.22 - 26.06.22) | Photo: © Foto: mangoisme / Photocase.de
Week 25

Your assured presence when you venture out in public has the effect of turning you into the focus of everybody's attention. If you have a partner you discover new facets of being together that make you feel extremely good about yourself and your lover..

Taurus Weekly Horoscope for Week 26 (27.06.22 - 03.07.22) | Photo: © Fotos593 / Shutterstock.com
Week 26

Set out your objectives and engage with your fitness program! If you've the power and energy, make use of it; performance limits exist to be overcome.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope July 2022 | Photo: © iStock.com/wundervisuals
July Horoscope

The Taureans achieve their goals this month with a lot of patience and calmness. From the end of the month, nice surprises and beautiful times of love await!

Taurus Weekly Horoscope for Week 27 (04.07.22 - 10.07.22) | Photo: © iStock.com/AleksandarNakic
Week 27

Properly assess your options; make maximum use of your physical potential. Endurance training would be exactly the right thing for you.

Zodiac sign Taurus | Photo: © iStock.com/Kharchenko_irina7
Zodiac Sign
Ascendant Taurus  | Photo: © kharchenkoirina - stock.adobe.com
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