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Everything About the Zodiac Sign Taurus. They Are Connoisseurs and Love Ownership
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Zodiac sign Taurus
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Taurus (Symbol: ♉) loves the property, but unlike the other two earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn, they buy things to use them because they are connoisseurs. Tauruses are designers, thorough and practical.

The urge for research is innate to the Zodiac sign Taurus. They act correctly and are the ideal stewards of material goods. Tauruses are energy-charged people; what they once set something in mind; they seek to achieve it with perseverance.


They value a discreet appearance. Tauruses also like to talk and are lovable entertainers; they are hospitable and friendly. As thrifty as they are, on the one hand, they are so wasteful of money when it comes to living and celebrating. However, they can also be moody and very dependent on their moods.

Tauruses are patient people, but they'll roar and explode if they get irritated. Complaining and grumbling are also one of the negative qualities of the sign when they are in a bad mood. Tauruses are not usually upset; they stand by what they do, which makes them very reliable. The Taurus-born also struggle to make everything right.

You can count on them; Taurus people are always good comrades. Dealing with a large amount of work, Tauruses will never stay calm and wait. They prefer to start working and are proud to have done something. That's just how they are, Tauruses: they attack and participate. Besides, they are cheerful, hard-working, helpful, humorous, and hospitable.

Facts about Taurus

Birthday: 21st of April - 21st of May

Ruling planet:  Venus

Gender:  Female

Element:  Earth

Temperament:  Phlegmatic

Type:  The Nature-loving, the materialistic person

Physical Correspondence:  Throat, glands, skin

Positive qualities

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You find all the information about the zodiac sign Taurus below.

Tauruses are objective, practical, orderly, hard-working, persistent, cheerful, amiable, tough

Negative properties

They can be materialistic, stubborn, sluggish, dogmatic, presumptuous, unruly, easygoing, comfortable

Famous Tauruses



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