Monthly Horoscope August 2019 | photo ©

August 2019 - Monthly Horoscope

What are my stars for Love, Job and Health?
Monthly Horoscope August 2019 | photo ©

August 2019 - Monthly Horoscope

What are my stars for Love, Job and Health?

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August 2019

Welcome to August!

In the hot month of August, you can find your way to lakes and swimming pools to escape the heat. Or you can enjoy a siesta in the shade of a big tree. And how do the stars relate to the signs of the Zodiac in August? Will you have a lot of energy for us humans or will you also have a siesta?

Will you find true love in August?

Hot temper and lust for romance will feel the Taurus in August. You can enjoy August because Venus will turn with joy to those connoisseurs who were born under this Zodiac sign.

Also, Leo born people will have Venus on their side. They will be physically in full swing, despite the warm summer days. Venus will stand in Leo, and everything will be possible for Leos in love. Is there a new love waiting for the Leos out there? From the first meeting to the first wedding, everything could happen in August. Leos are allowed to open their hearts to love.

Monthly Horoscope August | photo: © galitskaya -

Gather happy moments in the beautiful sunny month of August!

Venus will also present Libra with a good portion of love energy. Until 21st August, as already mentioned, Venus will stand in Leo, and this will result for Libra in harmonious experiences and Libra born people will enjoy the fine arts, such as music, theater, and painting.

Love will be highlighted for the Virgo. The planets will favor the most precious love energies of the year. You will be spoiled by Venus for a whole month.


August will signify changes for the Aries. And there are good chances that many modifications will occur to Aries born people.

Also, the Capricorn will be looking for a change. Especially in the partnership, Capricorns could see positive results occur. They should really give much importance to loving communication.  


Gemini will expect success and growth in August. The beneficial sextile of the Sun will result in health and a lot of energy.

Sensitive Cancers will join Gemini. Mars will display an energetic ⚹extile, and Mercury will support professional progress. Cancers will be provided with a competent fluency and a lot of energy for a successful period.

Monthly Horoscope August | Photo: © kichigin19 -

Relax and enjoy life!

... and Health

Zodiac Aquarius and Scorpio should approach August with calm and thoughtfulness.

The Scorpio could always be confronted with disorders since the sun will be in a square position for this Zodiac sign. And the funny Aquarius will not get the desired energy from Sun and Mercury. Even if Mars sends a surplus of power, the energy of Mercury will be missing and the Sun in opposition to Aquarius, so some things will not run as planned. The Aquarians should not take any hasty decisions and will prefer to think about it completely alone.

We wish all the zodiac signs an excellent August! And remember: even if the stars do not like what you want, you can do a lot to make it a lovely month! Enjoy the warmth on your skin, fresh sea breezes and singing birds in the morning, sunsets and sunrises, many conversations among friends and family and celebrate all the festivals you can!



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Monthly Horoscope Aries August 2019 | photo: ©

In August, the planets indicate changes, Aries. Sun, Mars, and Mercury will literally have to deal with their own construction sites and will give way to many favorable changes. Arieses will get the necessary power from the planets. Now it's time to do something and accept the chances of change.

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The Sun will favor Gemini until August 22nd, thanks to a beneficial ⚹extile. You will enjoy good health and will be able to count on success. Mars, the Planet of Energy, will also send a lot of energy since the ⚹extile will be active until August 18th. You will be able to progress in profession and activities, and you will achieve much. After that, Gemini can have a break and relax a bit.

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From August 18th, Mars will change from an observer's perspective into ⚹extile rich in action. Under this constellation, Cancer born people could make career advances and even be honored professionally. Mercury also supports this professional high-altitude ascending, since it will be standing right in the sign Cancer. It will be interesting to see what Cancers will expect professionally in August.

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Leo really has every reason to be happy, since, for the third month in a row, the sign will enjoy power and strength. The Sun will stand in the sign until August 22nd and will provide plenty of energy and vitality. The planet will support crucial decisions and will help Leo born people to reach the peak of physical wellness.

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At the beginning of the month, it is still a bit quiet around Virgo, but then from August 22nd the Sun will move to its own Zodiac sign, and Virgo-born people will now be celebrating their birthday! Luck will be on your side, and the Sun will send a lot of strength and energy, giving way to a successful conclusion of the month! And Venus, the Goddess of Love, from August 21st, will send all love energy available to Virgo. It could really be the most precious time of the year for Virgo. The favorable effect of the power transmitted by Venus will be active all month long. So, just enjoy it!

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Monthly Horoscope Scorpio August 2019  | photo: (c) Drobot Dean -

In August, Scorpio will always have to reckon with disturbances, since the Sun will be in a square position to their sign. Thus, it is appropriate to focus on health and to do something good. Rest, and a healthy diet will support healing moments for body and soul when the stars are holding back with their energy. From August 22nd, the situation will get better, and the Sun will support Scorpio's health.


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Monthly Horoscope Sagittarius August 2019  | photo: (c) Drobot Dean -

The Sun and Mars will be in a favorable and advantageous Trigon position to the Sagittarius. Thus, a positive vital force and intense energy will favor all Sagittarius born. With your help, the planets can accomplish great achievements. With this amount of power, Sagittarius people will be safe until August 18th and will take a good step forward. Venus is also available until August 21st forming an advantageous trigon and favoring beautiful moments with family, friends, and partners.

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Monthly Horoscope Libra August 2019  | photo: (c) Kaponia Aliaksei  -

In August, thanks to the planets, Libra will face excellent opportunities for successful undertakings. Nevertheless, you will have to contribute to your initiative. The Planet of Luck, Jupiter will still have a very favorable effect on the Libra-born, so you should actively shape your future, and you will be able to control the energy of Sun and Mars. Especially precious moments, Libra will enjoy thanks to Venus. The planet of Love will be standing until August 21st in the Zodiac sign Leo, resulting in favorable times for partnership, friendship and harmonious family life.

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Monthly Horoscope Capricorn August 2019  | photo: (c) .Den_Team  -

In August, Capricorns can make changes in the love area. If there is something to clarify, the time will be right, since the goddess of love, Venus, will still linger in the Zodiac sign, Leo. If something does not feel right in the relationships of Capricorn born people, you will be able to make changes just talking gently.

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Monthly Horoscope Aquarius August 2019  | photo: (c) ruslimonchyk  -

In August, the Aquarians will have to do things more calmly. In the professional field, Mercury will not be precisely helpful, and the planet can even lead to mistakes and misunderstandings. The Sun will also form an opposition Aquarians. Important decisions might be postponed, even if Mars could seduce you with a surplus of energy. The month's saying is: In rest lies power.

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Monthly Horoscope Pisces August 2019  | photo: ©

The Pisces will move for changes until August 22nd, thanks to the vital energy from the Sun. Problems could occur in health, so it is advisable to start with healthy food or quiet walks in nature. Sunbathing will be easier for you. Mars will also support your path towards change until August 18th. After that, more self-discipline is needed to keep your balance. The planet of luck, Jupiter, will delight Pisces with small gifts, such as a beautiful blooming flower along the way, discovered during your daily walk.

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