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Mercury in Leo | Photo: © midjourney

Mercury enters Leo on the 3rd of July. It affects the minds of all in creative ways! See how it will affect your Zodiac sign!

 | Photo: © Oleg Gekman -

Ever notice your mood shifting throughout the month? The Moon's transit through each zodiac sign brings unique energies and emotions. Understanding these influences can help you navigate life more effectively. Let's explore how each transiting Moon sign affects you, highlighting opportunities and challenges, and how you can harness this energy for personal growth.

Moon Transits | Photo: © midjourney

Ever wondered how the Moon’s journey through each zodiac sign affects you? Moon transits bring unique energies that influence our emotions, actions, and perspectives. Let's explore how each Moon sign transit impacts every zodiac sign, helping you navigate these cosmic tides with insight and inspiration.

 | Photo: © midjourney

With Jupiter in Gemini you will be more eager than ever to purchase a car from this period until May 2025. Take this energy as the perfect opportunity to purchase a car or get your driver's license! Here are the perfect cars for every Zodiac sign:

Jupiter in Gemini | Photo: © midjourney

Jupiter entered Gemini on May 26th, 2024 and enters Cancer on the 9th of June 2025. During this wonderful, swift Airy period there is much opportunity to attract wealth. The following explains how:

Jupiter in Gemini | Photo: © midjourney

The transit of Jupiter in Gemini can bring a mix of opportunities and challenges for each zodiac sign. While Jupiter is generally considered a planet of growth and expansion, its transit through the communicative sign of Gemini can lead to scattered energies, miscommunication, and superficial pursuits. This article will explore how this transit might negatively affect each zodiac sign and provide solutions to mitigate these effects.

 | Photo: © Maca and Naca via Getty Images

The Sun moves from Gemini into Cancer on the 21st of June until the 23rd of July 2024 and brings with it a beautiful healing and nurturing energy.

Today could be a lucky day | Photo: © Maksim Tarasov /

A special day full of love and luck awaits you on May 23 thanks to the powerful constellation of Venus and Jupiter under the Sagittarius Full Moon. Use the positive energy for new encounters, existing relationships and personal successes.

Sun in gemini | Photo: © midjourney

The Sun enters Gemini on the 21st of May 2024, and much change takes place in the world. Find out what this means for you!

Jupiter in Gemini | Photo: © Midjourney

In the early evening of May 25th 2024, Jupiter moves from Taurus into the sign of Gemini. It stays there until June 9th, 2025. Find out what this means for you...

Mercury  in Taurus | Photo: © fotowebbox -

Mercury enters Taurus on 16th May until 4th June. So, what does this mean for you and life in general? You are about to find out!

Venus and Saturn | Photo: © Mikhaylovskiy -

Venus makes a positive aspect to Saturn on the 13th of May. So what does this mean for you and your life? The following will tell you!

Venus in Taurus brings happiness in love | Photo: © Midjourney

Venus in Taurus invites us to explore the world of the senses and cultivate deeper connections. Use this time to enrich your life with love, beauty and harmony.

How Jupiter affects your zodiac sign | Photo: © midjourney

Jupiter in Taurus brings different influences to the 12 zodiac signs, which can bring both positive gifts and challenges. On 24 May 2024, Jupiter moves into the sign of Gemini, ushering in a new phase of astrological influences.

Sonnenfinsterrnis 2024 | Photo: © midjourney
Solar eclipse

Solar eclipse & new moon in Aries: time for new beginnings & transformation. Use Mars energy for positive change.

 | Photo: © Midjourney

The following article tells you exactly how Pluto in Aquarius will affect you!

Venus in Aquarius | Photo: © midjourney

Everything you need to know about Venus in Aquarius follows in the following article. Will it affect your love life? Find out!

Mercury in Pisces | Photo: © midjourney

Mercury in Pisces creates a time of magical and scattered thoughts. Find out how this will affect you!

The fire of Mars in Aquarius | Photo: © midjourney

Mars in Aquarius will bring exciting energy into your life. Read on, and see how this transit affects you in a big way! 

Chinese New Year 2024 | Photo: © Midjourney
Chinese Horoscope 2024

Immerse yourself in the mystical energy of the Wood Dragon in 2024 and discover how this unique blend of power and growth can transform your life. Unlock the secrets to personal and professional success in this amazing year of change!

Mercury in Aquarius | Photo: © Midjourney

Discover how Mercury in Aquarius (Feb 5-24, 2024) influences five zodiac signs for innovation and growth.

Jupiter in Taurus 2024 | Photo: © Midjourney
Horoscope 2024

Find out how Jupiter's position in Taurus will affect your zodiac sign until the end of May 2024. Here are tips for every zodiac sign to get the best out of Jupiter.

Saturn 2024 | Photo: © Midjourney
Annual horoscope 2024

In 2024, Saturn is in Pisces , promoting emotional understanding and spiritual growth and influencing each zodiac sign individually.

Zodiac sign Cancer | Photo: © midjourney
Zodiac Sign Cancer

Cancer, the fourth sign of the Zodiac, holds much more than what meets the eye. It's often associated with family, home, and emotional sensitivity, but the complexity of this Water sign cannot be understated.

Pluto turns retrograde | Photo: © midjourney

From 1 May to 11 October 2023, Pluto, our planet of transformation, is retrograde. These are the effects it has on the signs of the zodiac.

Pluto is now in the sign of Aquarius | Photo: © midjourney

Pluto in Aquarius heralds a new age. Especially in the field of progress, technology, and community life, profound transformations are gradually announcing themselves.

Saturn has arrived in Pisces | Photo: © midjourney

Learn the astrological meaning and influence of Saturn in Pisces until 2025 . Focus on your feelings and find structure.

Goddess Uranus | Photo: © midjourney

On 23 January, Uranus went direct again . For five months, it was in retrograde. But now is the right time again to put plans into action!

Wedding Horoscope for All Zodiac Signs | Photo: © Halfpoint -

No wedding should be without this: The wedding horoscope for the husband. How will he experience the wedding? That's what the stars say!