Lunar New Year 2021

Lunar New Year 2021

Chinese Horoscope for the Year of the Metal Ox
Lunar New Year 2021

Lunar New Year 2021

Chinese Horoscope for the Year of the Metal Ox


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Lunar New Year

The Chinese New Year begins with the New Moon in Aquarius. In 2021, this New Moon is on Friday, February 12. The Chinese celebrate the Lunar New Year extensively. It is traditional to wear something red, as this is supposed to bring good luck in the new year. All people born in this Lunar New Year are Metal Oxes.

The Year of the Ox takes place every twelve years. The most recent years were 2009, 1997, 1985, and 1973.



Lunar New Year 2021

On February 12th, the Chinese New Year celebrates the beginning of a new lunar cycle. February 12, 2021 to January 31, 2022 is the Year of the Ox.

It is a Metal Ox year, which last took place 60 years ago in 1961.

Generally speaking, Ox years tend to be challenging. They demand a lot from all of us - we have to be determined, hardworking, conscientious, and disciplined. Those who work hard will be rewarded, as the Year of the Ox is also considered to be a time of rich harvest and economic profit, which doesn't sound so bad. In fact, we may feel more motivated this year to tackle obstacles with more confidence and energy. Whether you are continuing your education, working toward your next career move, or getting involved with an exciting project, you will start to see progress professionally and financially.

In regards to private affairs, this year is good for regulation and organization. Whatever has been lying around should be taken care of once and for all. Those who have been meaning to do a deep cleaning should do so now. These types of tasks will feel more manageable at this time. And who knows - maybe decluttering could turn out to be fun! 

The Year of the Ox also emphasizes the importance of interpersonal relationships. It is an excellent time to get married, start a family, or become more involved with your community.

You may find some parallels with Saturn here. As the ruling planet of 2021, this year is all about creating clarity and bringing order into professional projects and relationships.

You can calculate your Chinese zodiac sign here

Chinese horoscope 2021

In the Year of the Ox, we need determination and diligence for success.


Lunar New Year 2021

The Rat in the Year of the Ox

Last year, Rat people had an excellent opportunity to build something from the ground up, which means they should have a solid foundation in place for this challenging new year. Even if work life does become more strenuous, economic success awaits the curious and intelligent Rats.

However, the focus this year is on private life. The Rats receive support and strength from family, as their close relationships are well-established and blossoming. This means that they may enjoy new love, deepen an existing connection, or grow their family unit this at this time. Many things are now possible.

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The Ox in the Year of the Ox

This year is home turf for the Ox. Their disciplined and steadfast nature is well-suited for the demands of this year. They are not afraid to lend a helping hand, and those who do so will also be successful. The Ox should be careful and deliberate with making decisions right now, as the path they choose could determine the milestones they accomplish for many years to come.

Personal life for the Ox also has a lot of potential this year. A new love, an engagement, or a pregnancy may be in store. Ox people will receive many blessings through their relationships.

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The Tiger in the Year of the Ox

Similar to last year, the Tigers should try to muster up the courage to take some risks this year. Those who act prudently will be more likely to achieve their goals and find more success.

Like most animal signs, this year will be quite challenging for the Tiger - good thing this sign is full of self-confidence and enthusiasm! These qualities will carry them through the year and lead to positive outcomes.

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The Rabbit in the Year of the Ox

The Rabbits should take good care of themselves and their health in the Lunar New Year. The high demands of this year put a strain on the sensitive Rabbits, who react with anxiousness and restlessness.

Thus, support from friends and family is much needed and gratefully received. The loyal and hospitable Rabbits will return the favor in their warm-hearted way.

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Year of the Ox

The Ox and Rooster are the most successful in the 2021 lunar year.


The Dragon in the Year of the Ox

Even the most successful Dragons will have to lower their standards somewhat this year. Suddenly, they encounter obstacles in their way, which they must clear out with precision.

All in all, it is a good year for the mighty Dragons, as they will achieve a lot professionally and personally.

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The Snake in the Year of the Ox

The knowledgeable and perceptive Snakes are overwhelmed by the demands of Year of the Ox, similar to the Rats. But with a creative approach, they will figure out how to problem-solve, and they will get through the year gracefully if they are calm and patient.

Unanticipated events may occur that shake up the Snakes' lives a bit - but they may turn out to be quite pleasing. So keep your eyes open - sometimes luck reveals itself only at second glance!

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The Horse in the Year of the Ox

For the charming Horses, this year will go a lot better than the Year of the Rat. Although they will now be required to offer more help to others, the tasks will be more manageable. The Horses are highly motivated with lots of stamina; thus, they will steadily get closer to their goals and may even receive financial gains.

However, they will probably have to be patient for a while when it comes to love. Misunderstandings may occur in their relationships. As long as they remain open to other points of view and show empathy, their dissatisfaction will be short-lived.

More about the Horse zodiac sign

The Goat in the Year of the Ox

An Ox year is tough on the friendly Goats. Unexpected disagreements with family may cause quite a bit of upset. Fortunately, there are a few close family members and friends who will offer support in these challenging situations, providing them with safety and security.

Additionally, financial life may not go as anticipated. Goats tends to be bon vivant, so they will cope well this year with patience and creativity!

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Year of the Ox 2021

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - Lao Tzu


The Monkey in the Year of the Ox

Monkeys are smart and astute. They apply themselves skillfully and have lots of ambition to succeed. Because the Rat strengthens their natural talents, things went pretty well for the Monkeys last year. And at first, it may seem like they can ride the wave of success into this year. But unfortunately, even the cunning Monkeys will have to work harder than usual in the Year of the Ox. Monkeys could arrive at a bottleneck financially, which may disappoint them.

How beautiful that things will go better with personal affairs. The Monkeys should enjoy this luck and not insist on achieving material success.

More about the Monkey zodiac sign

The Rooster in the Year of the Ox

The Rooster is one of the animal signs that finds success in the new year, professionally as well as personally! Fantastic new career opportunities could present themselves, as right now is the time to bring forward important ideas and projects. In doing so, the proud Rooster finds support and encouragement.

In family and romantic life, no difficulties are forecasted. On the contrary, the Roosters might be quite pleased with how things turn out.

More about the Rooster zodiac sign

The Dog in the Year of the Ox

Dogs should approach everything carefully and calmly in the Year of the Ox. No matter what obstacles might get in their way, the Dogs can manage anything if they stay relaxed.

They confidently scare away conflict, taking the wind out of their counterparts' sails immediately. This applies in professional as well as personal life.

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The Pig in the Year of the Ox

The Pigs should expect a good year in 2021. In family life particularly, they receive love and peace, even if when disappointments happen.

In professional life, Pigs who stand on their own feet will receive exceptional support. This year is a good time to advance a business idea or get involved in managing a new project.

More about the Pig zodiac sign


Happy 60th birthday:

Famous Metal Ox people: Boy George, Hannelore Kraft, Michael J. Fox, Barack Obama, Peter Jackson, Tom Ford, Meg Ryan, George Clooney.

Lunar New Year

The Chinese New Year begins with the New Moon in Aquarius. In 2021, this New Moon is on Friday, February 12. The Chinese celebrate the Lunar New Year extensively. It is traditional to wear something red, as this is supposed to bring good luck in the new year. All people born in this Lunar New Year are Metal Oxes.

The Year of the Ox takes place every twelve years. The most recent years were 2009, 1997, 1985, and 1973.


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