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With the Help of the Ascendant to the Dream Partner

How to find the key to your love happiness
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Find your dream partner with the help of your rising sign
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The secrets of partnerships that work well

Why do some partnerships work so well while others end in strife? This is a never-ending question that connects to the deeper meanings of what to seek in quality relationships. It’s a combination of planetary alignments and karmic connections that determine the direction of our lives- at the mercy of life’s changes without knowing the entire course. However, there are many simple rules of astrology that can be taken into account when choosing the right partner for you and can work wonderfully if you follow them.


Your Ascendant seeks the Descendant.

To know what ideal desires everyone has of their partner, you first need to know your own Ascendant. Our Ascendant seeks out our Descendant, i.e., Cancer Ascendant will seek out Capricorn Descendant.

The Ascendant (your personal “I”) lies across from the Descendant (your personal “you”). And only with this complement is our longing for love fulfilled. Only then are we complete human beings and satisfied with our needs can we do the same for and experience another.

He who knows his Ascendant also knows his longings

He who knows his Ascendant also knows his longings since they are expressed by the sign where the Descendant lies opposite the Ascendant.

Calculate the Ascendant here.

Our Descendant shows us the expectations we have of partners. As soon as we become aware of which sign our Descendant lies in, relationships can relax and become more accessible once our partner also knows.

We will now start with the first sign, Aries, to begin and explain the principle.

If, for example, I am a Taurus with the Aries Ascendant, then the sign opposite me is Libra in the Descendant area. (Aries is always opposite Libra). Therefore, as a Taurus-born person with an Aries Ascendant, I will want a partner with Libra qualities. There will be a deep zodiacal longing for a partner with Libra qualities for the Aries ascendant.

It all depends on your Ascendant and opposite Descendant! Because the Descendant indicates my desired partner who can fulfill these secret longings!



How do we find the right partner?

There are always several possibilities. Those Libra qualities that a star sign with the Aries Ascendant longs for, for example, can be fulfilled by someone born in Libra . But also by another sign (e.g., by one who is a Cancer) with Libra Ascendant . Or also by a sign (e.g., a Capricorn) with Libra Descendant . And if a sign (e.g., an Aquarius) has several planets in Libra , it will also be very Libra-accented and strongly show the Libra qualities.

In any case, a zodiac sign with Aries Ascendant longs for a partner with Libra traits, which they need for happiness!

Love happiness with the help of the rising sign

To love is a blessing, to be loved is happiness. (Lev Nikolaevich Count Tolstoy)

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Who is your longing partner?

Aries Ascendant

A star sign with  Aries Ascendant wishes for the Libra  type.

This Ascendant expects a musical, sensual, good-looking, polite partner that loves the aesthetics of how things look. The beauty of items will be essential to them.

Of course, a spirited partner would be desirable because the main qualities they need are precisely the intense sensuality, beauty, and art interest of Libra. However, lack is easily defined for this pair, and the needs and desires of each are required to remain faithful to the cause of their love and respect for one another- balance is of the utmost importance. 



Taurus Ascendant

A star sign with  Taurus Ascendant wishes for the Scorpio type

Taurus will seek out a passionate partner that helps them escape the physical realm to feel the ethereal- combing spirit with matter is what satisfies the soul of this Ascendant. Someone profound in their understanding of life is open to radical change, and one who contains an alluring Mystere is needed and healing to the body of this person. 

A healthy dominance is openly welcomed so that challenge can apply pressure to push them further in life. The pair is intense, enraptured with one another, and soothing to each other’s existence.


Gemini Ascendant

A star sign with  Gemini Ascendant wishes for the Sagittarius type

Gemini expects generosity because life is no fun when you hold and hoard things all to yourself. They welcome those with solid connections to beliefs around religion, spirituality, or philosophical ideologies- a partner they can learn from and learn alongside.

In the partnership, life should never be boring as this person needs a partner who enjoys the contrast of life, able to see more than just black and white. Higher education not only adds depth to this relationship but ensures both people are whole, choose health, and have higher minds above all.



Cancer Ascendant

A star sign with  Cancer Ascendant wishes for the Capricorn type

They seek out the security and faithfulness in a human being and a partner- trust is the ultimate factor for being an open vessel for love. They desire a strong shoulder of support and need a partner that encourages their self-driven ambition and the will to push through any obstacle.

Commitment plays a fundamental role and the need to be close to and connect with family.


Leo Ascendant

A star sign with  Leo Ascendant wishes for the Aquarius  type.

They not only expect passion from their partner but a uniqueness that sets them apart from the rest- if it’s unusual, it’s attractive. A varied, multifaceted, and different life from day to day is the norm, so a partner that can flow with this energy is imperative and desired on a deep level.

They seek to trust their partner and need to see signs that validate true friendship. And a true friend grants and encourages all types of freedom of expression. 

This relationship can last long when each partner is willing to take a step back and see the other for their unique contribution in life- a chance to be seen truly.



Find your dream partner

But the most beautiful thing here on earth is to love and be loved. (Wilhelm Busch)

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Virgo Ascendant

A star sign with  Virgo Ascendant wishes for the Pisces type

There is an expectation of having a complement to their life; a sensible and materialistic attitude makes them a magnet for interests that are worldly in spirit.

 Spirituality and keeping oneself pure is an essential facet to a fulfilling life as a partnership. Expressing the meanings of life can add a depth far beyond the material realm- offering insight into the higher importance of life. Art becomes a centerpiece for connecting to one’s experience, and idealism provides a positive way to look at life.

A person who can function well in times of chaos is not only attractive but intriguing to this analytical archetype. 


Libra Ascendant

A star sign with Libra Ascendant wishes for the Aries type

They want a very passionate soul connection, values one who can get into their body through sport, and lead an active kind of life- a person that fulfills the expectations of their identification in life.  


The feminine wants a real macho type, strong diction, a healthy earner, and diplomacy when the situation calls for it. 

The masculine wants a spirited but soft power that drives themselves internally to heights they wish to see- there is nothing hotter than someone who is internally led and strong.


Scorpio Ascendant

A star sign with Scorpio Ascendant wishes for the Taurus  type.

They must possess a beautiful, passionate, understanding, and calm demeanor to feel fulfilled and content with life. They value a partner that is focused on establishing harmony, consistent wealth, and enjoyable connections. 

Great importance is placed on the liveliness of gathering, eating decadent slow-cooked foods, and sitting down to a warm beverage to lament on what’s changed in life.

A long-lasting relationship between these two spirit-loving people involves frequent visits to muse art, curating a beautiful home, and having a sensual relationship that sends both souls to the cosmos.


Sagittarius Ascendant


A star sign with Sagittarius Ascendant wishes for the Gemini type

This person seeks mental activity, eloquence, and lively interactions to feel good with a person. They seek a teammate in life, someone open to helping them organize, willing to help, and step in when one needs a break or time to breath. They search for a compliment to the Sagittarian’s natural way of being. 

Daily variety is a prerequisite for an exciting and fulfilling life, as boredom not only kills the spirit of this partnership but keeps the relationship stagnant and far from growth.


The rising sign seeks the descendant

Real love stories never end. (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)

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Ascendant Capricorn

A star sign with  Ascendant Capricorn wishes for the Cancer type.

The sea goat longs for a connection that lasts the test of time- a physical representation of legacy and love. They seek someone fond of animals and can be loving and vulnerable while giving caring grace to those around them. They want to admire their person for how they show up in the world- fair and trustworthy. 

Good fortune will shower this pair’s home with love in the form of healthy children, a well-decorated home, and a well-planned routine around good nourishing food. 

A hard-working and noble team works together to spread goodness and keep the lineage alive through bonding and being with one another. This is a strong, emotionally mature relationship and full of life lessons- increasing the quality of one’s life.



Aquarius Ascendant

A star sign with Aquarius Ascendant wishes for the Leo type.

This person wishes to see in their partner a luster for life that makes them feel alive. A firm chest, great head of hair, and a willingness to live are desired for a soul connection- one lasting the test of time. 

Their partner must be self-confident, someone to admire, and one to be proud of. The action-packed life of these two energies sends them on adventures that not only revitalize one’s life experience but bring others to the table to enjoy as well. 

Knowledge about many facets of life, finding joy in the youth of the world, and having an intense sense of interdependence keep this couple’s fire burning for lifetimes.


Ascendant Pisces

A star sign with Pisces Ascendant wishes for the Virgo type.

They must have a sense of practicality and have both feet planted firmly on the ground. Of course, order and diligence are prerequisites in a partner. Still, a sense of art, charity, and spiritual knowledge truly make the relationship go far- depth is needed in this relationship.

While the human soul can be complicated, the course of time explains the intricacies and subtleties of life, keeping partnership meaningful, engaging, and long-lasting.




Karma and love

Karma is explained as the energetic residue that travels along with us through lifetimes. Attached to the soul, Karma is carried to help heal relationships with others and our relationship.

The relationships of our past lives have a powerful effect, often having us make repeated choices to seek out change, to gravitate towards specific people to heal lifetimes of tumult or heartache and helps us understand that we are not only connected in this lifetime but for many more to come- comfort is sought out in the following of Karmic connection and love.

It can be observed as coming together again and again with the same people, but now it’s completely different roles. Once a husband, now a wife, siblings become best friends, and work relationships become customers of a new business. 

No matter the circumstance, we have fallen in and out of love with souls for lifetimes, just for the experience of the fullness of love and what it has to offer.  They have a natural unconscious effect and can often overwhelm us if we aren’t aware of its presence or partake in practices that bring forth information from the subconscious mind, such as regression therapy. 




What do the signs basically long for?

Ascendant Aries longs for Libra qualities

Ascendant Taurus longs for Scorpio qualities

AscendantGemini longs for Sagittarius qualities

Ascendant Cancer longs for Capricorn traits

Ascendant Leo longs for Aquarius qualities

Ascendant Virgo longs for Pisces traits

Ascendant Libra longs for Aries traits

Ascendant Scorpio longs for Taurus traits

Ascendant Sagittarius longs for Gemini traits

Ascendant Capricorn longs for Cancer traits

Ascendant Aquarius longs for Leo traits

Ascendant Pisces longs for Virgo traits

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