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Scorpio Is Considered Helpful, Diligent and Dynamic.
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Scorpio (24th October - 22nd November)
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Scorpios (Symbol: ♏) are helpful , reliable , and hardworking.  They look outwardly calm, but are dynamic, outgoing and have a keen intelligence . Scorpios are, like the other two water Zodiac signs,   Cancer and Pisces, so to say, long-term types. But they do not take any risks; they avoid holy water like the devil.

They often carry their hearts on their tongue. A targeted look is followed by the right word, which is usually properly set. People under this Zodiac sign are agile, skillful in their conversation , quickly recognize the situation, and then set their own goals. They lurk on their chance, and they react immediately so that a potential opponent will undoubtedly be subject to a repartee . Anyway, such a blow always hits. If they are cornered, Scorpios can resist more than the other two water signs.


Silence is a trait that Scorpio dominates more than anything else. What sets them apart from all other signs of the zodiac is that they apparently cannot live without problems. They probably know that they can solve all of the issues that come their way. And that's why they often seem to create problems when they are lacking. Those who know Scorpios also know that sometimes they have prophetic gifts .

Scorpions are also ideal hosts and friendly people. They enjoy entertaining people. They are very persistent, and such conversations can often last into the night when a Scorpio is a host. Scorpios are certainly not simple personalities . They are just different from everyone else, and what they do, or want to do or have done, seems to be out of time. Maybe that's why they are not always immediately understood. They can reach for utopia to realize something before the time is right.

When it comes to a specific goal, they become passionate and do not accept compromise. Scorpios struggle hard to reach their goal. They can also become arrogant since they cannot bear the fact that the purpose they are fighting for could be wrong. Either they create great things, or they go down with their deeds. Top it or chop it: that's their attitude to life, they do not know anything else.

Scorpio men’s attitude to love


Scorpio men have legendary fame as fiery lovers, which is almost universally known. And that's the way it is; they're like that because you have to think about the two planets affecting them. You immediately realize that this legendary fame is a fact.

Scorpio women's attitude to love

Even in Scorpio women, the fire of love burns very strongly. One must have experienced their glowing glances to realize that they have the power to pull men in droves. Still, they are very selective and make high demands on the masters of creation, and that is why they are always on the lookout for something better to be found. Here it goes on to the love of the Scorpio women.


Scorpios Strengths 

Scorpios are helpful, reliable, hard-working, calm, superior, dynamic, agile, humorous, intelligent, friendly, secretive, subtle, keen, passionate, profound, ambitious, intense, sensitive, persevering

Scorpios Weaknesses

Perfidiously, cold, weak, disorientated, labile, devious, sublime, dogmatic, envious, insincere, virulent, vicious, querulous, intolerant, inconsiderate and indelicate.

Famous Scorpios


24th October.: Kevin Kline (b. 1947), Katie McGrath (b. 1983), Shenae Grimes (b. 1989), Eliza Taylor (b. 1989)

Alain Delon (* 11 8th, 1935), Grace Kelly (11 12th, 1929 - 9 14th, 1982),  Indira Gandhi (11 19th, 1917 - 10 31st, 1984), Robert F. Kennedy (11 20th, 1925 - 6 6th, 1968),  Marie Curie (11 7th, 1867 - 7 4th, 1934), Richard Burton (11 10th, 1925 - 8 5th, 1984), Julia Roberts (*10 28th, 1967), Matthew McConaughey (* 11 4th, 1969), Bill Gates (* 10 28th, 1955), Katy Perry (*10 25th, 1984), Leonardo DiCaprio (*11  11th, 1974)


Facts about Scorpio

Birthday: 24th October - 22nd November 

Ruling Planet : Mars (old) / Pluto (new)

Gender : Female

Element : Water

Temperament : Melancholic

Type : The wretched, courageous, and passionate person.

Physical correspondence : Abdomen, reproductive organs, bladder, pelvis, excretory organs, cecum, red blood cells, nose

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The traditional western astrology uses twelve signs, so-called zodiac signs. The year is divided into twelve sections, spans of time, and in each span of time is a predominant sign.