Monthly horoscope December Cancer 2019 | Photo: 	© Sidorov

Monthly horoscope Cancer December

All about Zodiac sign Cancers love life, profession and health in December 2019.
Monthly horoscope December Cancer 2019 | Photo: 	© Sidorov

Monthly horoscope Cancer December

All about Zodiac sign Cancers love life, profession and health in December 2019. Scroll down

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Monthly horoscope Cancer December

Mars provides a lot of energy.

For vitality and well-being: 

The Sun will stand in Sagittarius until December, 22nd, resulting in a quincunx position. Since the quincunx is also considered a health aspect, you should now pay attention to your health. If symptoms arise, consult the doctor right away. On December, 22nd, the Sun will move to the sign Capricorn, giving way to opposition. The Sun symbolizes our self, but it is continually changing. The opposition will reveal whether our recently undertaken efforts will be fruitful or not. If so, it's okay. If not, you will also notice it from the reaction of the people that will no more support you. If this is the case, then it is time to think about it. It is the learning process of the opposition.

Mars, the Planet of Energy, will stand in Scorpio throughout the month. So the beneficial trine will go on. You could progress now, and even protection could take effect or personal honor. Since now you will be much stronger than before, you will be able to reach optimal physical achievements in sport. Mars now strengthens vitality. What is being tackled now has reasonable prospects of being completed.

Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, will enter Capricorn from December 2nd, 2019 to December 19th, 2020, creating opposition to Cancers. The fact could bring beneficial effects as well if you did not exaggerate in action. So stay with your feet firm on the ground and act modestly, is now the motto. Now you should not work towards financial growth, and you should strive for spiritual growth since Jupiter stands for learning and high ideals. You really should care for spiritual achievements, because all material things are indeed transient. There is nothing new to report about Saturn. The Planet continues to form opposition to Cancers, which is why delays and disabilities are expected again and again. This situation could require a lot of patience, but that's what Saturn teaches us: developing much patience.

Profession, money, and communication:

Mercury has given up its retrograde on November 20th, 2019. So some past errors will probably find a solution. The Planet will hold in Scorpio until December, 10th. On December, 10th Mercury will move to Sagittarius and on December, 29th to Capricorn. Thus this month is going to have three different effects. While standing in Scorpio, Mercury will create a beneficial trine, giving way to excellent opportunities in the communication area; while in Sagittarius, Mercury will form a quincunx. So optimal opportunities and challenges will roughly balance; and standing in Capricorn, it will give way to opposition. So now you will have to reckon with errors, disabilities, and misunderstandings. So take care!

Love, happy moments and art:

The goddess of love, which also dominates the area of art and beauty, will hold in Capricorn until December, 20th. Then it will move to the Zodiac sign Aquarius. Standing in both signs, Venus will require a lot of understanding and tenderness so that love can flourish and thrive.

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