Daily horoscope - 17th July 2016

Virgo leads an affectionate relationship and could slightly move positively outstanding persons and Pisces may even show her affection in a similar profound way.
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Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.

Ernest Hemingway
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 Sunday, July 17th 2016

Today’s most significant constellation appears when the sun and Mars give a big amount of agility. You may burst with strength and would be in the pink of health - do unusual activities for today which you like to postpone usually... de-dusting for e.g.

Daily aspects

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Mercury (Leo) Conjunction Venus (Leo)

The conjunction between Mercury and Venus winged your sense for convention and social participation – an artistic talent. You are joyful and friendly – communicative and adaptable to new circumstances. Imagination and fancy would be available and precious gifts.

Period: approximately 1 day.

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Moon (Sagittarius) Square Jupiter (Virgo)

The square could cause some trouble towards law authorities. It could give tendency to extravagance. Regarding love matters conflicts and disadvantages could be shown. This could lead to separation and enstrangement. The bile and liver could show pronounced weakness.

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Sun (Cancer) Trine Mars (Scorpio)

The trigon between the sun and Mars offers plenty of energy and drive – and also combined with courage, self-confidence and responsibility.

Moon trine Uranus |  Photo: (c) drubig-photo - fotolia.com

Moon (Sagittarius) Trine Uranus (Aries)

The trine between the moon and Uranus gives high awareness, persuasiveness, ambitious structures in mind and genuineness. New paths are becoming explored; new methods are tested - On career level it comprised prosperous development.

 Famous birthdays on July 17th 2016:  Milva , Natasha Hamilton

Today's Saints: Pascal, Pasquale, Walther, Maila, Antonella, Junia