Daily horoscope - 11th August 2017

Today, in Aries' life relations with friends and family are very positive. Gemini is fit and well and possess an insatiable need for physical activity.
Daily Horoscope August 11 2017 | Photo: © detailblick-foto - fotolia.com

It's a very great thing to be able to think as you like; but after all, an important question remains: what you think.

Matthew Arnold
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Daily aspects

Timezone: Asia/Kolkata, UTC+05:30

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Sun (Leo) Sextile Jupiter (Libra)


The sextile between the sun and Jupiter is a quite pleasant aspect. You are liked and feel attractive in each field of life: on personal level and regarding career.

Moon → Aries


When the moon stays in the sign of Aries you feel highly energetic and confident. Spontaneity and taking decisions are on the move. For persons of this kind it would be easier compared to broody ones. You may be inspired and use your keen mind. Self-assertion for new projects is available. It represents the perfect moment to make a smart move.

Birthday on August 11th, 2017:

Andrew Jackson Davis (1826 – 1910), Enid Blyton (1897 – 1968), Ashley Jensen (*1969), Chris Hemsworth (*1983), Madeline Juno (*1995)