Daily Horoscope August 3rd 2018 | Photo: (c) K.-U. frenta- stock.adobe.com

Daily horoscope - 3rd August 2019

Daily Horoscope August 3rd 2018 | Photo: (c) K.-U. frenta- stock.adobe.com

Saturday, August 3rd, 2019:
The Moon in square position to Jupiter could carry issues with law and authority from 14:54 to 16:54 pm. If you will not be careful in traffic, for example, or if you'll be arrogant to our superiors. As the folk saying goes, the failed one blinks since the dumber one falls into the creek.

Virgo Moon

03. August 2019
moon (Virgo)
waxing crescent

Time Aspects
05:26 Moon Trine Uranus
18:24 Moon Square Jupiter
19:34 Moon Trine Saturn

Daily aspects

Current timezone: Asia/Kolkata, UTC+05:30 change timezone

Birthday on August 3rd, 2019:

John C. McGinley (*1959), Evangeline Lilly (*1979), Kyle Schmid (*1984), Tony Bennett (*1926), Martha Stewart (*1941), Karlie Kloss (*1992), Martin Sheen (*1940)


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