Darlings of fortune cw 48 2017

Do you belong to the lucky ones of this week? Have a look if your date of birth is among them. Darlings of fortune from November 27th - December 3rd, 2017

Horoscope Love  | Photo: ©
psynovec - Fotolia.com

Love, pleasure, harmony

Dates of birth:

16th May. - 25th May.

16th Jul. - 26th Jul.

16th Sep. - 26th Sep.

16th Nov. - 25th Nov.

14th Jan. - 23rd Jan.

14th Mar. - 24th Mar.

horoscope money | Photo: ©iStock.com/

Profession, communication, ideas, money

Dates of birth:

16th Apr. - 19th Apr.

16th Jun. - 19th Jun.

18th Aug. - 21st Aug.

19th Oct. - 22nd Oct.

17th Dec. - 20th Dec.

14th Feb. - 17th Feb.

horoscope luck | Photo: ©iStock.com/
complize  m.martins

Fortune within all parts of life

Dates of birth:

30th Apr. - 02nd May.

01st Jul. - 03rd Jul.

02nd Sep. - 04th Sep.

02nd Nov. - 04th Nov.

31st Dec. - 02nd Jan.

28th Feb. - 01st Mar.

horoscope surprise | Photo: ©iStock.com/

Pleasurable opportunities

Dates of birth:

15th Apr. - 17th Apr.

15th Jun. - 17th Jun.

17th Aug. - 19th Aug.

18th Oct. - 20th Oct.

16th Dec. - 18th Dec.

13th Feb. - 15th Feb.

horoscope creativity | Photo: ©iStock.com/
Bernhard Richter

Inspiration, creativity

Dates of birth:

03rd May. - 05th May.

03rd Jul. - 05th Jul.

04th Sep. - 06th Sep.

04th Nov. - 06th Nov.

02nd Jan. - 04th Jan.

02nd Mar. - 04th Mar.

horoscope energy | Photo: ©iStock.com/
Frank Wagner

Energy, activity

Dates of birth:

12th Apr. - 17th Apr.

12th Jun. - 18th Jun.

14th Aug. - 20th Aug.

14th Oct. - 20th Oct.

13th Dec. - 18th Dec.

10th Feb. - 15th Feb.

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